Behind the Scenes of a Blogger Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes of a Blogger Photoshoot

I have been wanting to share this topic with you since lord knows when! It’s a topic that I get asked on having an “instagram husband” and having blogged for turns out to be 4 years! So here it is! Here is some behind the scenes of a Blogger Photoshoot.

Note: Every blogger is different and therefore this video doesn’t generalize all bloggers photoshoots.

What you will find in this video:

  • Insight of pre-photoshoot prep

  • Morning of photoshoot footage

  • Scouting Locations

  • Outfit Changes

  • Poses and tips

  • Interaction between my husband and myself

  • Final Photos Post Photoshoot

If you have any questions, ask me in the comments of this post or in the comments of the YouTube Video! Be sure to subscribe! :)

Thank you and Enjoy!