NYFW 2018 Experience Q&A

NYFW 2018 Experience Q&A

I recently asked on my Instagram Stories if anyone had any questions about New York or New York Fashion Week to ask and i’ll answer! So here goes what has been gathered this past week, in no particular order.

New York Fashion Week 2018 Spring Studios

As far as the actual fashion shows go, how much do they run?

The shows vary depending on designers and how many designers are showcased during a show. For instance, the Indonesian Diversity show that I attended, showcased a total of 4 designers. Therefore it was about an hour and a few minutes that it lasted. Meanwhile, the Toaray Wang show, was about 30 minutes. However waiting in line, then waiting for the show to start, and mingling afterwards…was about 2 hours of time for that particular show. So it really depends. Last year, there was a show that lasted about 10minutes. It was super quick. I would say, just be ready for the show (waiting in line, to waiting for the show to start, etc). to last at least an hour.

How many in all did you attend?

I ended up attending to 8 shows, 3 networking events, and 1 PR meeting. Keep in mind that some shows offered multiple shows in 1 so you technically have the opportunity to see more in one sitting.

Aranyani Designer hosted by Nolcha Shows at the Industria

Aranyani Designer hosted by Nolcha Shows at the Industria

I saw that you were at cool events. Do you need an invite from the brand to attend?
I got invited as a plus +1 to two events, and then got invited to one event via a PR agency representing the designer. You either need to know someone who gets invited and has the opportunity to invite you as their plus one, or you get invited directly.

Do you recommend going with a group of friends, significant other, or just one other friend?
This is really up to you. For instance some girls go with just one girlfriend and attend shows together, some go in groups to room in a hotel, and some do go with their significant other because their significant other is integrated into the fashion industry somehow (i.e. photographer). My husband Ivan went, but not to go with me to any shows. He just loves the city as much as I do, and we wanted to discover more of New York together. My best advice is to go with a friend who is at the same level as you if you are a blogger or designer or even bigger than you (has a larger following). They will get invited to some events that you don’t get invited to, but can be their plus +1 or vice versus. It’s great to be able to share events and experiences while there with at least one person you trust.

How do you choose which fashion shows to go to? Is it by price, time and date?
The fashion shows are free, as you get invited by the PR agency representing the designer. To get invited, you need to reach out to them directly via email 2-3 weeks before Fashion Week. Leading up to Fashion Week, I started receiving emails on attending shows and I RSVP’d to most of them that I knew I would be able to attend to. Then when it came to the day I arrived in NY, I revised my itinerary and declined some of those invites. I learned this year that it’s better to RSVP YES to shows you are able to see, and DECLINE for those shows that you know for sure you can’t make. If you miss a show, it’s a good idea to send an apology email. It happens that sometimes the show your at previously runs longer than you expected which causes you to miss the next show.

Aranyani Designer hosted by Nolcha Shows at the Industria

Aranyani Designer hosted by Nolcha Shows at the Industria

Where can I get an actual list of all the shows?
A good resource is the NYFW Website and Modem Online.

How do you get access to the fashion shows? Can a regular like me go?
I don’t think just anyone can get access to shows. Not in a disrespectful way, but you have to earn some type of credibility in the fashion industry to attend. That means being consistent and having passion. A lot of the people that I saw attending, are established or are at least studying something with the fashion industry. For instance I met a female student studying design and she blogs. She’s been going to Fashion Week for the last few years. Or the photographer who wants to pursue his photography in street style fashion. If you look at his feed, you can tell he has been working on his own portfolio which shows his seriousness to his main focus. New York Fashion Week, for me, pushes you outside of your comfort zone. Therefore, if your not really passionate about fashion (omg yes that rhymes), its not going to be the best experience, and might make you feel uncomfortable while being there.

Advice: This year I learned that although the shows are fun, being able to secure meetings with brands, and networking is a bit more important. Should I attend next year, I do want to make that my goal. Still attend shows of course, but try to push for more meetings if possible. Nonetheless, I accomplished way more this year and had a better sense of direction on what to do. I’m happy overal and grateful for the experience!

Thank you to those who submitted questions! I hope my answers were helpful!

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