What I learned from New York Fashion Week Last Year

What I learned from NYFW Last Year

I'm happy to share, that in a few weeks I'll be attending New York Fashion Week for the second year! I remember when I was living in McAllen and saw a few people in the local fashion industry attend fashion week. I was in "awe" of them, and admired how they got there. Meaning, how they actually got invited to one of the biggest fashion show events in the world! 

New York Fashion Week

I had no intention of going to Fashion Week last year, but a good friend of mine believed that I was capable of going.  I managed to go, attend shows, see more of the city (it was my second time in NY ever), and I was able spend time with my now husband, Ivan, as he visited NY for the first time. It was such an experience and I knew my first year going would be more of an observation, and lots of learning of how I can make my second year better. Here are a few things I learned. 

Planning is essential

Since I am going to NYFW this year, I know better how to prepare for this event! Not only am I starting to prep outfits, but I am also trying to be more strategic with what I want to accomplish while I'm there. I felt all over the place last year even though I did have an agenda. So I'm hoping I can make better use of my time. 

New York Fashion Week 2017

To Buy new clothes or not to? 

Last year I bought a lot of brand new outfits. This year, I am trying to purchase less for NYFW. My goal is find a top or two, as well as bottoms and minimal accessories and then mix and match with what I already have. Last year I spent way too much on these items. One thing I did spend on was my luggage. I bought a black luggage where I am able to literally hang my outfits. It helped me fit 5 outfits and then some so it was worth the expense. I have since only used it one more time so it's still in GREAT condition and I plan to use it again this year. It made my photoshoots much more easier as well since they were already hung and not wrinkled. 

New York Fashion Week 2018

Blog Time

Last year I did not separate time to blog or write. This year, I am going to try to spend some time to either write a blog post, or strategize ways on how I can keep my blog/instastories entertaining! I'm planning on incorporating some "non fashion week" stuff, as last year it was all about the shows, and very minimal of what I was doing when I wasn't at the shows. We'll see how this goes! Of course I want to be able to accomplish this, but I also know how crazy Fashion Week can be! ::fingers crossed::

New York Fashion Week 2017

Schedule Appointments

Last year, as I mentioned previously, I only went to shows and a few social events. This year I am trying to schedule appointments to partner up either with brands, salons, or other places. So far I have only secured one as it's much harder than it seems! If I don't gather any more appointments I'd be more than happy with the one lol. It's still progress afterall! 

New York Fashion Week 2017

Being Smart about Time

Last year, I felt that I was back and forth from show to hotel, then back to show, then show to another show. I really feel like I spent a lot on taxi cabs. This year, I am hoping I am able to make better us of my time (I know I already said this!), and try to schedule shows that are around the same area so I don't waste a ton of money on Taxi's. I dont know how this will play out honestly because I know (once again), Fashion week get's crazy. I'll have to report back on this lol. 

New York Fashion Week

More than just Fashion Shows

Last year I showed mostly just Fashion shows, which are awesome! However, I plan to try and showcase spots that can be visited by anyone. Yes, I do want to incorporate some eats, drinks, and places to snack! Afterall, NY is full of places to visit, and I want to share with you all some neat spots that I might end up checking out :)

If you have attended NYFW last year, what were your learning experiences? leave them in the comments below! 

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