Organic Body Care Products Crafted by Ari Rose

Happy Thursday! 

Life has been a little bit crazy! But as they say "When life gives you lemons you make lemonade!". That's exactly how I'm trying to be. Not like a lemonade but trying to stay positive. Over a month ago I was in a car wreck, and even though I'm much better now my car has been totaled, insurance does not cover a car rental, and my time has been consumed with completing my therapy sessions. For as much quite frankly this sucks, I am happy to be breathing! Because let's face it.... it could of been so much worse! 

Ok enough with the life update. You know the other saying "treat YO self", that certainly applies when it comes to this body care product Ari Rose. I was first introduced with Ari Rose when I visited the Indie Beauty Expo this year. It was my first time visiting this grand event and won't be my last. I enjoy supporting small business and also getting introduced to new products you don't see on the shelves. 

Ari Rose Beauty and Body Products

Ari Rose is a unique product in that they truly care about what you put on your body and face. It all started with a mom of 2 who found herself starting this business out of passion, to help other women take care of themselves by putting products that won't harm their bodies, and also to be a role model for her kids. I admire these kinds of brands and am honored to be able to review these products! 

Signature Soaps

I spoke with a friend recently who said she was into organic style soaps. In all honesty, I use regular antibacterial soap because my skin is sensitive and I break out easily. I tried Ari Rose signature soap and the aroma is devine! Plus leaves your skin leaving baby soft. The fact that it's organic is the very reason why it did not hard my body. Thus I did not break out :) Oatmeal, raw honey, coconut oil, shea butter are a few of the awesome ingredients that are within these soaps. 

SOL Glow Face and Lip Exfoliant

Use Code VANESSA20 to get 20% off your purchase! 

Use Code VANESSA20 to get 20% off your purchase! 

This is probably the best organic face and lip exfoliant that I have tried and I love it! Yes I have tested many exfoliants, but this one was very gentle. My face was not red because of irritation, and was extremely soft and clean. I even let my husband caress my face! Helps clear breakouts, and "made with *organic *brown sugar, *can sugar, *oats, *coconut oil, *raw honey & *cinnamon, this combination provides exfoliation, hydration and relief to sensitive skin".

My Little Secret

This is the one product I have been RAVING about. It has changed my life, and also the life of a few others I have recommended this product to (and they have tried it themselves!). If you are a woman on the go, active, or always sit at your desk... chances are that you might have experienced a little discomfort in your girl area. Meaning, sitting or moving around too much can sometimes cause aromas that no one talks about. We retain moisture and depending on the type of undies we wear, we either let our hoo-has breathe or retain this moisture which produces an untold aroma. That's where My Little Secret comes in! LADIES this is LEGIT, no lie. A little bit goes a long way so this product will last you for a good while before you need to make another purchase. This product was Revolves #1 of the entire Indie Beauty Expo! If that's not a big deal, i guarantee when you try it, it will be :) 

My Little Secret by Ari Rose

For a limited time! Use Code VANESSA20 to get 20% off your purchase! I highly recommend these products. I packed a few with me for this weekend :D hitting the road for my sisters' wedding! Hope you all enjoy and if you do try these products, let me know your thoughts! 

Vanessa in dallas