Peach Tea Pinot Grigio Pops

I think Sweet Tea is a thing of the South. So add Peach Tea to the mix, and you got yourself one refreshed and peachy drink. (wink wink) 

 Creating this drink was so much fun! I'm happy to share with you the ingredients and steps so that you can create this super simple Pinot Grigio Popsicle at home! 

What you will need: 

Llano Wine Signature Pinot Grigio
Angostura Bitters
Black Tea
Freshly Squeezed Lemon
Fresh Peaches
Peach Simple Syrup (see more below!) 

Llano Wine Pinot Grigio

First, Cut up the 2 peaches into slices. You can cut them as small as you want or in chunks. 

Peach Tea Pinot Grigio Recipe

Next, pour 1 cup of water into a small pot. Begin to boil, as this is the start of creating a Peach Simple Syrup. Next add black tea in the boiling water. 

Peach Tea Pinot Grigio Recipe

Toss in the 2 peaches that you sliced before into the boiling pot. What this does is gather the peach juices to make the syrup. 

Peach Tea Pinot Grigio Recipe

Measure 2 cups of sugar and then pour into the pot. Let all the ingredients boil together which "finalizes" the Peach Simple Syrup. It's literally so simple right!? 

Peach Tea Pinot Grigio Recipe

Next, we added Angostura Bitters, and freshly squeezed lemon juice into the syrup. Once stirred. We poured the syrup along with the sliced peaches into popsicle stick molds. At this point, you can either cut up the boiled peaches into smaller pieces, or grab a fresh new peach and cut small squares. This is optional and is based on your taste of wanting to utilize the boiled peaches or use a fresh one. We decided to use a fresh one. 

Lastly, pour the contents into popsicle shaped molds (add a popsicle stick if you don't have the plastic handle like we did), and then stick the molds in the freezer. Wait 2-4 hours to enjoy! 

Peach Tea Pinot Grigio Popsicle Recipe

We grabbed our stuff and headed out to the park by the lake to enjoy these Peach Tea Pinot Grigio popsicles! It was the best way to cool down after a hot day. 

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Peach Tea Pinot Grigio Recipe
Peach Tea Pinot Grigio Pops Recipe

If you have tried this, what were your thoughts? Tasty, delicious, not your thing? We LOVED it so much! The quality wine from Llano Wine Pinot Grigio and the mixes of the peaches was the perfect combo! 

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