Popular Must Have Summer Sunglasses

Popular Summer Sunglasses

Popular Summer Shades

Lately we have been really feeling the Summer heat! There hasn't been one cool day to actually enjoy being outside. Something I did recently, was gather all of my Sunglasses that I could possibly find, and store them in a small box. I tend to lose my sunglasses because I wear a variety during photoshoots and am constantly switching them up. I tend to store sunglasses in pockets of coats, purses, bags and then completely forget about them. 

I also recently bought a few new pairs to add to my "collection". As I looked around to find some shades for this season, some stood out to me more than others. I realized there is a trend for sure going on. Here are what I have seen as "popular" trends in shades, as well as some of my favorites.


This style has been around for a long time and one of my personal favs! The classic aviators by Ray-Ban can do no wrong! I have also seen lately some aviators that take the shape of mirrored shades. I recently made my purchase of one at h&m for only $7.99! 

Extreme Cat Eye

I only own one pair of cat eye sunglasses and even those aren't as extreme as the ones i've seen lately! It's not a bad thing at all, and I quote like the retro look to these type of shades. I did try some on, and they personally didn't look too good (or at least maybe they aren't my taste). I do recommend trying them for yourself this Summer regardless! 

Round or Oval

This style tends to pop up every now and then. I made my first purchase of round sunglasses last year, as I prepped for New York Fashion Week. I call them my John Lennon sunglasses, haha. I love how they completely change up my look, and even add a little pizazz to my outfits. 

Mirrored or Champagne Shades

I am completely loving the champagne and mirrored styles! I remember being a little apprehensive about this type about a year ago, but once I tried on a pair that I really loved... I didn't look back. I love that they take a regular aviator for example, and make it a bit more flashy with the mirrored look. Same goes with the champagne shades. I love how a light pink can take regular round shades to a more elegant and sweet look. 

Square and Bold

I will always love this look! For sure dark brown or black and bold sunglasses, look the best on me since I have dark hair. This is basically my go-to look when nothing else. I have seen squared sunglasses with thick, bold frames in stores which make them look oh-so chic :) 

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