Birthday Outfit Details and Recap

Happy Monday! 

Every year I do like to celebrate my birthday, usually by having dinner and drinks. Growing up, my parents always made sure that we had something new to wear to go to school in and mentally I felt like I wanted to look extra special...extra pretty to celebrate my birthday! It's funny how that has carried over as an adult. I always want to dress up on my birthday for sure! 

This year, I spent brunch with my husband at this place around the White Rock area called Another Broken Egg Cafe. I love that area with its naturist trees and lush green beauty, and the coffee at this little brunch place is delicious! 


It was a great way to kick off the 3-1 ! This followed with my first visit to StyleCon which was held this year in Dallas at the Fashion Industry Gallery center. What a fabulous event! I had so much fun hanging out with my blogger and fashionista girlfriends! The night ended with dinner at my fav Indian food restaurant call Roti Grill , and then off to Lower Greenville to a few bars. I hardly ever go out to begin with, so this was different for both of us really! 


And to track back just a tad, the night before I had a photoshoot with Luisa who is so great at what she does! We decided on a double date night and ate delicious burgers, sweet cupcakes she gave me as a bday gift (along with some other cute stuff!), and we had a great time! #blessed is how I felt ! 

Birthday outfit details below! 


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