Home Decor with Modern Map Art

Hi Everyone! 

This collaboration has been a long time coming! I received these modern map art several months back, and it took a while to post because my living had nothing set up! I had just moved into an apartment at the time, and I didn't have sofas yet along with wall decor! There was no way I can showcase these beautiful and meaningful maps in that kind of empty setting. Thankfully Modern Map Art was patient enough to see all of this through!

I love the personalized touch they provided to our living room. We are originally from Mcallen, TX which is a small town way down south of the border. We will never forget where we are from, and we also embrace Dallas being our new home. We have lived in Dallas for approximately (almost) 6 years and we just love every bit of our experiences. 

Having two of our favorites cities displayed in our living room is humbling. 

These modern maps make great gifts for college kids that are going away from home for the first time, or for a best friend living in another city/state. I can't tell you how happy we were to receive these maps! They certainly brought a smile to our face and we are even more pleased that we can admire them everyday! 

The best part is they can map out any city! Just reach out to them with your request. Visit MODERN MAP ART and click on create to get started!

What else does Modern Map Art have to offer? They also print maps on pillow and phone cases! Another reason why this if a great gift idea for your world traveler! 

Finally, Modern Map Art can also create Ski/ Mountain Map, and Countries! I love how flexible and innovative they are with their maps to reach out to every type of person and their lifestyle. 


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Aren't these the coolest!!!?? What are your thoughts? Who would appreciate one of these maps? Comment below!