Look Great for Less with a Pop of Color

Happy Friday! 

I feel that I have been MIA on my blog, but not on my Instagram! Like they say, you need a vacation after the vacation and while I did not take a vacation, traveling 8 hours to visit family can be exhausting! 

One of the topics I wanted to touch base on is adding a pop of color! There was a lesson I learned recently on adding a pop of color to your outfit and a few questions came to mind. What if you love the monochromatic look but want to venture with color? What if you like the simple basic tones but want to try color? Today I'm showing you how you can add a pop of color with your outfit by demonstrating my own. 

It makes a simple outfit look interesting

Adding a pop of color to an outfit, takes it a new level! If you are used to wearing basics, I suggest adding a pop of red, yellow, blue or white for starters! Others colors such as purple, hot pink, green, etc can be experimented with later! 


Add a pop of color with an accessory

I decided to add a pop of color with my tote bag! I have a lot of dark colors in my wardrobe because it's easy to wear black or another dark color with everything! Which is why when I pulled this outfit together, I decided to throw in a touch of yellow to make it interesting! 


It draws attention to something specific

When you add a pop of color; whether it be a belt, hat, shoes, lips, or tights... the eye naturally goes to the brightest color/s on the outfit. Just in case you want to hide any love handles or cover up any imperfections... I would definitely suggest adding a pop of color! For example, where a bright colored belt which will make you look well put together and cover up the mid-section. Or wear an all black ensemble and a bold red lip! 


Overall, the way to look well put together is to add a pop of color to a basic outfit you have already worn! It changes up the look and looks like a whole new outfit :) 

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Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Until the next time !