The Truth About Using a Teeth Whitening System

As an Executive at work, and a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger, making sure my teeth look presentable is important to me. I meet with so many people at meetings, and take a variety of photos for my blog.

I will admit something that my photographer probably doesn't know, but there were many times during our photoshoots where I did feel self conscious about my teeth! I've never cared SO much about this topic until I started blogging 2 years ago. I always admired those that had beautiful white pearly teeth and had nothing to worry about when it came to their smile. 

Before I jump in, I wanted to let you know the things that I've tried to achieve a clean, and white look with my teeth. 

Things I've Tried

Over the counter trays from a local grocery store, clear whitening strips, whitening 5-minute gel, a combo of whitening toothpaste with a whitening mouthwash, and charcoal powder with charcoal paste. 

As listed above, none have delivered GREAT results and there was very little progress. I went into using Smile Brilliant a little skeptical because nothing I've tried has REALLY worked before. Once I reviewed the product testimonials and saw many before and after pictures, I thought "well I've tried everything else, why NOT give Smile Brilliant a shot!?" 


IMG_2688 (1).JPG


The process for using Smile Brilliant may seem a little complicated at first, but once you get started... it all comes together. 

Truth #1- Be Patient

With Smile Brilliant, the first step was to create a mold of my teeth. This is done with the blue and white "clay" that is provided in your kit. Once shipped off, you have to wait at least 5 business days go to the next step, which are using the clear teeth whitening trays :) 

Truth #2- Be consistent


You can see quick results with Smile Brilliant if you are CONSISTENT on using it as the instructions (which you receive in your kit) provide. I saw an immediate difference within the first week! 

Truth #3- Sensitivity


You will, at some point, feel a little bit of sensitivity. This is NORMAL and the good news is, you can contact a representative and they can make adjustments to your kit so you can continue your whitening experience! The kind of sensitivity that I felt during the whitening process was very light and didn't interfere with eating or drinking. With other whitening systems, the sensitivity was very heightened where eating spaghetti was tough!  

Truth #4- Be comfortable being Uncomfortable

What do I mean by this exactly? The trays that Smile Brilliant provides fit comfortably in your mouth to secure the gel that is lined within the walls of the teeth whitening trays. It is the gel on any whitening system that I find to be the uneasy part. Once the trays were on, I would keep busy by working on my blog, and watching a movie or TV show. :)

Why I recommend Smile Brilliant


The benefit of fitted trays is that they are flexible and fit comfortably. The fact that they have gone beyond to create a special mold of your unique teeth, allows for the gel to focus on all the edges so it doesn't miss an area to whitened evenly. I saw results fast, and if you have sensitive teeth, they have a special system for you! 

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Good luck to all participants and I can't wait to see your whiter and shinier smile! 


*This is a sponsored post, however the content is my honest review of the product.