It's Not too Late for a Sweater in the Spring!

While I am ready to bust out with short sleeve or sleeveless tops, I still find myself wearing sweaters. The weather has been beautiful! And if your like me who wears sweaters year round, this temperature is PERFECT! So, is it too late to wear a sweater in the Spring ? Not at all! I decided to style this knit sweater with a basic burgundy top. This sweater is perfect for Spring because the sleeves are not long, and the woven texture allows for the cardigan to remain breathable. 

Are you still wearing a sweater/cardigan in the Spring? 

I love how this is not just your basic tee! The mesh lining around the collar adds a chic and classy detailing to this top. It's great to wear out on a casual day, or dress it up over black jeans and heels for a night out! 

As the day get's warmer, change up the look by removing the sweater! Easy peasy  ;-) 

I have several collabs coming up that I am excited to share! Until then, wishing you a great week!