Classic Holiday Style for Men

Classy Holiday Style for Men

There's nothing blue about this outfit! First of all, allow me to introduce to you my husband Ivan (insert heart eyes emoji here!). Finding men's looks and styles is not my specialty but I DO KNOW what looks good on my man :D 

Blue seems to be OUR color, and I often find that red or green are other great colors on Ivan. As we were planning our Holiday photoshoot, this outfit easily came to mind. Its comfortable, clean, classy and can fit in a variety of environments. So if you and your man are going to a holiday party, work party, Christmas dinner at the in-laws or parents... its a classic style that you can never go wrong with! 

First of all, the gingham or plaid trend around the holidays is very popular. I can't remember a season when you didn't get a glimpse of it! So first things first.. 

1) Start with a Gingham or Plaid Shirt

I highly suggest going for a long sleeve button down top because your man can wear it more than once! The dark navy blue mixed with a lighter blue is a mature color. Be careful with any neon bright colors because that can really change up the outfit and go out of holiday style context. 

2) Pair it with a Blazer or Sports Coat

A blazer or sports coat will always dress up an look! My preference is wearing it unbuttoned to go for the more casual look but if the event is more formal, perhaps keeping it buttoned for a while until you and your man can let loose... is the way to go! The best thing about a navy blue blazer is that you can mix and match it over a variety of other button down shirts or regular tees. Its a favorite of Ivan's that's for sure! (and mine too :D ) 

3.) Go for the Dark Denim! 

I don't know how else to say this but if your man does not feel like wearing nice dress pants, always go for the dark blue denim! Dark blue jeans always look nice and clean. Stay away from the super light washed or distressed denim. Dark, clean denim jeans with no rips, holes, or with the washed out look is a more mature and handsome pick! 

4.) Pick Some Nice Dress Shoes

Because tennis are just NOT going to make this outfit! You can always switch up the shoe color to a dark brown to change up the look. 

Additionally, your man might want to wear a black belt to add more to the look. Another quick accessory could be to wear a tie! But this is optional and depends where you are going! 

Whatever the case, rest assured that these basic items will make your man looked dressed! I hope this was a quick helpful guide for the holidays! Wishing you the happiest of holidays to you! 

P.S. Here is a peek of our holiday photoshoot take by Luisas Secret Photography

Blue Holiday Outfits
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