Outfit of the Week: Monochromatic Fashion versus Minimalist Style

Happy Monday! 

I noticed the weather is starting to shift yay! I don't even know anymore which season is my fav because I love a little bit of them all! Quick update: We are still house searching. This is taking much longer than I thought! I swear I thought it'd be easier and we would certainly have a home by now. Any advice for first time home buyers?

For today's topic, I decided to chat a little bit about Monochromatic and Minimalism. The monochromatic word is something that I didn't know myself until I literally looked it up! Then I had to look up Monochromatic looks on Pinterest to further understand what this means. The word Minimalist is pretty easy to understand, and I respect the fact that a minimalist look is defined by YOU! Which is why I decided to shed some light on what these means and the easiest way to pull it off! Plus, I wanna know.... is this look monochromatic, minimalist, or both? 

What is Monochromatic? 

By definition Monochromatic "refers to a single hue in a color palette that is expanded upon by adding two, three, or more shade or tints (variations in lightness and saturation) of that color, to create a more balanced look." (source

Monochromatic outfit

In other words, combining colors within that color scheme (whites, grey, blacks for instance are usually all in a color scheme) would be considered monochromatic. It seems easier said than done. Adding a pop of color would probably look nice, but it wouldn't necessarily be considered monochromatic. 

Minimalist Outfit

What is Minimalist Style? 

As per Sugar Mama. TV, "this means sticking to a limited colour palette; having a simple silhouette to your clothing" (source)

I really like her definition because it's right on point! But does having a simple and limited color palate mean your also styling a monochromatic look? Hmmm... 

Black and White Top
Minimalist style
Black and White outfit

After analyzing both of these definitions, I think it's safe to say that Monochromatic goes hand-in-hand with minimalism. If we go by SugarMamma's definition, it sounds as if in order to pull off a minimalist look, we need monochromatic styles in our closets. I certainly think it can go the other way around as well :) What are your thoughts? 

Now this photo is just for fun. It's neither Mono or Mini style... I just threw on a fun print coat ! (Total photo bomb with the guy in the back though! lol!) 

Print Coat

Shop the Look! 

Would love to hear your thoughts below! Enjoy the rest of the week! 

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