What To Wear: Stylish Summertime Date Night Outfit

Every since I got engaged back in November, Ivan and I have not had a solid date night. I've heard the advice about "never stop dating" but we have just chosen not to do anything fancy until after the wedding. Don't get me wrong, we are not hermits and we still attend a few outings here and there. For the time being, we are just watching what we spend is all :) 

Our dates night consisted of dressing up and going to our favorite little place called St. Martin's Wine Bistro down in Lower Greenville in Dallas. We would go often to the point where the waiter knew us by name! We would start off there and have wine and listen to the beautiful sounds of the piano player, then hop over to some other random bar to continue the night. Sometimes we would do the whole dinner and movie thing as well which is always nice and casual. 

These are the thoughts that went through my mind when I styled this outfit from Lou Lou Boutique. I would totally wear this outfit for date night!  


I know what you all might be thinking! Leather and long sleeves for Summer!??? Why yes! depending where you are at. The Summer for us has been OKAY. It's hot but when you have lived in South Texas for over 10 years with 100+ degree weather year round with humidity.... being in the low 80's at night is NOT that bad. The evenings here have felt quite refreshing. So YES a light long sleeve blouse is perfect especially if you attract mosquitoes! Long sleeves in the Summer for mosquito peak hours are early morning to late evening and night just FYI, so wearing long sleeves around these hours are not unheard of. Have you seen gardeners early morning wearing long sleeve and pants during this season? Yep! Mosquitoes are the reason. 

OK! Enough about the damn mosquitoes. So annoying! :-p  Moving forward...

I would not wear leather pants in the Summer obviously! This skirt was still very breathable. If you live in a much hot or dryer area, find a floral top with similar prints and roll up the sleeves or just go sleeveless. 

Considering there is already enough print on this blouse there was no need to add any statement pieces. Therefore I kept the jewelry simple enough to not clash with the blouse. 

It's necessary for the Summer to find some shoes that have straps and are open toe! Gladiator heels are everywhere this season! They are perfect to show off your pedicure! You can actually switch out these heels for some black wedges or dressy flat sandals. 

Overall, when it comes to date night in the Summer, a floral top mixed with an A-Line skirt (or try a pencil skirt too) is perfect with casual strappy sandals, a cute clutch, and jewelry. In this case I dressed up this look with heels, and took the skirt up a notch with the leather.

Hope this outfit idea is the inspiration you need to get you started for your next Summertime Date Night! 

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What is your go-to Summertime Date Night Outfit?