Cheers to the New Year!

I seriously can't believe 2016 just flew by! How can 1 year pass by so quickly? Have I been that busy? I honestly can say that I have been focused on blogging, my job, and the wedding. That's where my focus has been, with the occasional side-track of things that occur in life such as moving into a new apartment, working my part time job, etc. 

While I could be sad that 2016 flew by, I am grateful that I am healthy and living! My resolutions are not your typical; exercise more, eat healthy and so on. I put some thought into what I'd like to change this year. Some of the things that I would like to accomplish this year are: 


I have noticed that I do spend more time on my phone while I am at home. I need to STOP before I get too out of hand. Reading is relaxing and i enjoy the feeling of getting lost in another world that i'm imaging through text. My sister recently mentioned about starting a "book club" for the year, where every month you read a different book pertaining to a certain topic. It sounds like fun and I have decided to join in! 

Have more energy

I went to the doctor a few months ago and took a blood test. I knew there was something wrong with me. I was feeling tired A LOT of the time, and I would often notice heavy bags under my eyes. I thought I was anemic, but turns out I am low on Vitamin D. It's very common actually! As soon as I started to take a daily dose of 2000mg of Vitamin D, I felt like myself again. I had this natural energy that I had been missing for MONTHS! While I may be feeing better, I often find myself unmotivated for self care. Things such as folding and hanging clothes AS SOON as they are dry.  I often wait days to a few weeks before I hang them, and they will literally sit in a basket until I am willing enough to put them away. Other things such as washing my dish as soon as I'm done using it, prepping my clothes the night before, flossing daily versus every so often, and cooking more home cooked meals. All of these focus on positive habits, and most would agree healthy habits as well. 


Literally this week I watched a documentary called The Minimalist . The words itself indicate that these are people who live with limited items. While that is true, I enjoyed the message behind it. The message I understood was, don't over consume on stuff that is not going to fulfill you in a positive way. Some people have way too much stuff. And that's all it is...stuff. Stuff that just sits there. Things you don't really use on a daily basis, and things you often forget you have. No, I won't become a minimalist. It's just not me...but i can focus on not over consuming in all aspects of my life. This I'd like to try :) I'll start by cleaning out my closet and drawers! 


No this doesn't mean go on a vacation, lol I wish! However, I need to learn that sometimes it's OK. Whatever it is. I'm not sure if it's because of my job (being young while working in an executive position is tough as it is), but I do tend to get worked up on things that maybe I shouldn't. I have heard meditation is great for the soul. I need to find a center, something that will help me to refocus and slow things down. Maybe I can take up yoga! We shall see. 

What are things you'd like to try to incorporate in your lifestyle for 2017!? 

and of course....

How can I post about New Years with out an outfit idea! 

You can never go wrong with sequence to ring in the New Year! Try a shiny pencil skirt and sleek black blazer / white-tee combo and finish the look with a bling statement necklace! 

Wishing you a Happy and Safe New Year! See you in 2017!