Cargo Jacket 101

Today marks 101 days until the big day! Until we say our "I dos" in front of our friends and family. The day that welcomes a new chapter, and the day my last name changes to Luna! The days are rolling past us so fast, it's no wonder why I feel that I have been away from my blog. My focus has been on the wedding! Although I do post every week, mentally I am just anticipating the big day :)

As for the weather and my wardrobe, let's just say that I have discovered how important it is to have a cargo jacket as as a staple in your closet! Makes me wonder how I could of ever been without it!

What is a cargo jacket? 

A cargo jacket is a great staple piece to have for Fall. It is also known as a military jacket, and typically has several pockets, a perked or flat collar, and the occasional drawstrings to keep the style casual. The cargo jacket gets it's name because of the multiple pockets which allow the person to carry several items during the day or night. Hence, the cargo jacket allows for you to carry cargo! In this sense, its on the small scale :)

How do you style a cargo jacket? 

Cargo jackets can be styled with almost any basic piece you own! Try pairing a cargo jacket with a white, grey, black, or striped tee. Beige or off-white is another great color to style with a cargo jacket. For those cooler Fall days, styling a cargo jacket with a cowl neck sweater or turtle neck is also acceptable. The most simplest way to style a cargo jacket is with a neutral color top, print or neutral scarf, jeans, and boots. 

Where can I find an affordable cargo jacket? 

There are several places where can find a good quality cargo jacket at a great price! Try locations such as Target or Macy's. Also, check out my picks on "Shop the Look" below! 

Shop the Look! 

I hope you understand now why this item is a Fall essential and classic piece to add to your wardobe! Until the next time peeps! :)