Hello Monday morning! and Hello to you! I had a great weekend as I went to see Kenny Chesney in concert. It was UH-MAZING! This coming weekend I will visiting family and will be conducting more wedding stuff. Can you say cake tasting? YUM! Anywho, today's post is extra special because I am featuring a fellow blogger, Sang Lee, who I now call my friend. I met her at a Meet Up Dallas event where we met fashion blogger Ashley @theteacherdiva and got to learn on how to expand our blogs. Sang has been blogging in less than a year and her style is phenomenal! I absolutely love her personality as we have a lot of things in common and get along great. Before I showcase our collab on how we styled our bohemian /embroidered tops, I am sure I am not the only one that has seen cute embroidered blouses in stores right? I am absolutely in love with this trend because it looks so cultural. It reminds me of something out of Mexico. I partnered with Lou Lou Boutique off of Lovers Lane and put together this cute little number for today's post. Here is more info of the boutique which features a lot of cute stuff just in time for Summer!

Lou Lou Boutique 4417 Lovers Lane Dallas, TX

Vanessa May outfit 1-0190

Vanessa May outfit 1-0182

Vanessa May outfit 1-0173

Vanessa May outfit 1-0193

Vanessa May outfit 1-0208

Vanessa May outfit 1-0195

My favorite color is red so I was excited to see this blouse on the racks at Lou Lou! The shorts are also from Lou Lou and can be paired comfortably with bikini bottoms because of the stretchy waist and material.

Here is how my friend Sang from SangShine Fashionsense styled her embroidery bohemian top!



How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as romantically feminine. I love wearing lace, ruffles, tweed, pleats, and silk. I find these particular features to be romantic and very feminine. When you look at my Instagram page or my blogs, you’ll know what I mean by romantically feminine ;) Once in a while, I like to incorporate masculine items into my outfit such as boyfriend jeans and double strap monk flats.


Who’s your favorite designer?

I love Chanel. I mean who doesn’t love Chanel? I fell in love with Chanel because Chanel is the reason I fell in love with tweed. Nobody can do tweed like Chanel.

I love Marissa Webb. I found out about Marissa through Wendyslookbook. Marissa mixes feminine elegance with masculine edge in her line which showcases flattering contrast. Her line encouraged me to experiment with unexpected pieces together.

I’ll go ahead and mention one more. I love Khanh Nguyen. I came across two of her lace tops at a consignment store and that’s how I found out about her. I dig her lace choices. Her lace tops are to die for!! She also makes wedding dresses and her wedding dresses are so breath taking. I wish to wear her wedding dress on my wedding someday.

What is your first fashion memory?

My first unforgettable fashion memory comes from Marissa Webb fashion show. I was shocked when I received an invitation to attend her show this year on February. I’ve never been to New York so I was nervous to go alone. But I was way more excited than nervous. It was very intense, fast paced, and extremely cold in New York but I’ve never been so happy. I felt scared but at the same time I felt alive. I’m so honored that I got to see her fall/winter 2016 collection live at the show and it was really really really astonishing!! Her pieces are breathtaking! I hope to receive an invitation again for September NYFW.

What are your strengths that really helped with your blog?

My strength is that I have style.  Sometimes I would rather wear clothes that nobody would wear (either because it’s too much or ugly), but I can digest them pretty well because I wear them with my personal style. Also I LOVE playing with clothes which helps me to continue my blog. There are some days when I only have 4 hours of sleep because I was working on my blog, but I wouldn’t have it other way because I love it so much!

What do you like to do in your spare time outside of the blogging world?

I love looking through fashion magazines, watch funny youtube videos, and catch up tv shows with my loving boyfriend. I’m trying to be more spontaneous and adventurous but it’s hard for me because I barely know anybody here in Dallas (I’m pretty new to the city) and I’m an introvert. I started going to events because I met Vanessa and I’m so happy that Vanessa and I clicked right away :)

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Get to know Sang and see why she is such an amazing blogger! You can find her on instagram with @sangshinefashionsense  or on her website

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