Cheers to the freakin' weekend! Today's post brings back a memory when I was (and sometimes still am) trying to find my place in life and in the fashion industry. There was a point where I wanted to collect vintage fashion pieces, and then open my own boutique and make it a vintage designer store. HOWEVER, it was not my passion as much as I thought it would be. I still admire old vintage styles, and occasionally will thrift shop to find some unique vintage pieces as well as shop local sales for these items. Which brings me to my reason to blog TODAY!

One of the things that I admired when NYFW showcased their spring collections was how some designers brought back that vintage bohemian flare to the runway. I was inspired and felt compelled to bring out my inner sophisticated bohemian look.

What do ya'll think?

March outfit 1-1

March outfit 1-9

Throwing on a bell sleeve top over ripped jeans, really gives this whole outfit a relaxed look. Relaxed but effortless is what I'd say ;-)

March outfit 1-3

This top is not in one solid color but more of a washed out hue. Which is why I decided to pair it with a vintage pendant I bought at a garage sale. I found it by accident (long story!) but loved the details and have worn it several times since. You can't see it in the pic, but it actually has a woman sitting, with the words "Aunt Betty" underneath. Little did I know, the person that was hosting the garage sale was "Betty". I'm sure she would be thrilled to know her lovely pendant is being re-used in a stylish way!

March outfit 1-6

My sister gifted me these earrings the day I took these photos. They are double leafed earrings in two tones; silver and gold. It's great because I get to pair it with multiple outfits! She is a representative of Avon and I was very happy to have received this gift from her <3

March outfit 1-5

Suede also falls into that vintage category and it paired very well with this look! I decided to match my woven or stitched bag with heel oxfords. Even oxford scream vintage don't you think!? I absolutely love how these two combined together compliment each other well :)

Shop the Look! 

New York & Co. Cold Shoulder Bell Sleeve and Blouse

Eyelash Lace Trim Bell Sleeve Blouse

Band of Gypsies Bell Sleeve Blouse

Skinny Jeans Vintage Blue

Nasty Gal Suede Oxford

Woven Elbow Bag

Vintage Pendant

Leaf Earrings

This weather has been perfect for a flowy top and bell sleeves! I hope you are inspired to  try out this look next time you are out and about! Have a fantastic weekend! <3

XOXO Vanessa

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