I hope you all are enjoying your Valentine's day weekend so far! For those of you that have a three day weekend... I'm so jealous! lol!

Anyway, I am sure each and every one of you have already set plans for tonight; dinner, movies, a night out or staying in. I have decided to stay in, cook a nice dinner, open a bottle a wine, eat some brie, and watch a movie with thee love <3 However, should we decide to change plans and go for a romantic night out, this dress from Shop September is one I'd pick! The style, the cutouts, the flare, the's Perfect for today's festivities and occasion! See for yourself ...

Vanessa Valentine's dress-8

A-Line dresses fit every body shape and are very flattering! The give someone with my body shape more curve, and those with curves a tiny waist. It's perfect for all shapes and sizes!

Vanessa Valentine's dress-6

You can find this dress, 1,000 Roses Dress, at Shop September located in Snider Plaza or just order online! (details below)

Vanessa Valentine's dress-7

Vanessa Valentine's dress-10

I wanted to keep my shoes simple but dainty. Steve Madden added a feminine touch with these white Stecy Sandal Heels .

Vanessa Valentine's dress-11

Find similar heart-shaped bags below!

Torrid Heart Clutch Bag

Keen of Hearts Clutch in Red

Shop September 6606 Snider Plaza Dallas, TX 75205

(469) 232-9480

<3 I hope you all enjoyed this perfect Valentines Dress read! Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! <3

XOXO Vanessa

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