Howdy all! I recently got into crop tops, and have felt comfortable the more I wear them! How did this happen? I guess it's just the fact that it's getting warmer outside and its OK to show a little skin. I won't show "a bare stomach" unless I had awesome abs, for now a crop top that peeks at my waist will do ;-) If you are like me (who does not typically wear crop tops), this length may be good for you too. Here is a  crop top outfit idea!

My flowered print crop top sits directly ON the waist. Meaning, the moment I lift up my arm at the slightest... I will be showing some skin. Since I'm not 100%  comfortable with that idea, I threw over a blazer. That way, should my blouse rise up due to movement, I won't BARE IT ALL ... so to speak.

I paired high waisted, distressed jeans because jeans that sit below the waist often create muffin tops. With a crop top, that is something you want to avoid as it can cause an unflattering figure.

I went with a sandal wedge to give it a casual and laid back look. Another color that would look great with this outfit are nude heels (to make it look more dressy), OR brown wedges paired with a cross body bag.

I love this new necklace I recently purchased! You can also pair a long layered necklace which will make you look long (tall) and lean, but for this look I wanted to keep the necklace close to the collar bone. If you don't have a big, bold necklace... you can also pair this top with big statement earrings.