Yellow Ruffled Top


Vanessa Luna is Texas born and raised. Originally from South Texas, she moved to Dallas to pursue a career in Public Health after obtaining her Masters Degree. With her love of Fashion always in her path, Vanessa developed her fashion and lifestyle blog, Vanessa in Dallas in 2015. Here, is where she shares fashion ideas, connects with people from different parts of the nation, and  inspires others to pursue their dreams and be comfortable in their own skin. 

Today Vanessa not only continues to utilize her marketing skills, but she is a entrepreneur as she continues to build on her personal blog, and manage the group she founded in 2017, DFW Latina Bloggers. Vanessa hopes that by creating this group, it will help put Latina Influencers on the map in the metroplex, and elevate the influencers to take their blog to the next level. She creates events focused on blogger growth workshops, networking and inspirational events, and keeps the bloggers in the loop for collaboration opportunities. Vanessa is very passionate about serving the latino community, and is an advocate for diversity and inclusion.

When she is not blogging, working, or conducting group events for DFW Latina Bloggers, Vanessa occasionally helps non-profit organizations in refining their social media platforms to spread awareness of their cause. She also spends time with her loving husband, and 3 pets (dog, cat, rabbit) at their home in Dallas.