Yellow Ruffled Top


I began to fuel my passion  for sustainable style from the first time I saw Wizard of Oz when I was about 5 years old. I oohed over Dorothy’s hair style, dress, and shiny ruby red shoes… I knew fashion and style would in some way guide my future.

Hello! My name is Vanessa Espinoza-Luna, and I am Texas born and raised! Being of Mexican heritage allows me to embrace both the American and Mexican cultures which adds a kick to my personality and style. Hence, TEXICAN! I am 5'9 which is above average for a Mexican-American woman. Yes, I am taller than most of my Latina friends! Living in Dallas, in my perspective, is a special city. To me, I see it as the melting pot of the Southwest. There are endless amounts of ethnicities that reside in this beautiful city which gives it color and vibrancy just like our famous skyline. A very business savvy place with pockets of communities who hold strong family values. Dallas has a lot to offer to everyone! 

I am a Masters graduate, full-time Marketing Director, Wife, Pet-Parent to my 11 year old Dog Ginger and 6 year old cat Hailey, and a Dallas Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger.

Thank you for visiting! 

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