Style Collective Fearless Award Nominee

Happy Monday! 

I am so happy to share with you that Style Collective have nominated their first group of female #bossbabes and I was one of them! I am happy to be part of these amazing group of fearless women who are true go getters and my heroes. Thank you Annie Spano for the nomination! 


Here is a little background info incase you are stopping my blog for the 1st time! 

Who are you? 
My name is Vanessa Espinoza-Luna and I am a marketing and sales director by day, and fashion blogger by night. I received my graduate degree in Public Health in 2012.  I am 1 of 4 girls and I am originally from a border city in Texas (the TRUE SOUTH!) I live with my husband who I married approx. 3 months ago in March! We are still in that newlywed bliss <3 We have 2 fur babies; ginger (dog) and hailey (cat). Life is pretty simple but sometimes it doesnt feel that way haha. I am passionate, believe in unity and compassion, determined, hard worker, go getter, ambitious, NEVER settle on just anything, creative, social, loving, giving, intelligent, goal-oriented, and overall a happy 30 year old latin woman. I live by the quote "live life as you imagined" and that iS EXACTLY what I am doing with creating my lifestyle in Dallas, TX. 

What is your blog all about? 
My blog focuses mainly on affordable fashion for the everyday women on-the-go. For the professional, for the lady who is becoming a woman, for the woman is trying to find herself and belonging, and to the woman who needs daily inspiration. When I write, I picture that I'm writing for every strong woman who are independent, fun, adventurous lively, mothers, daughters, and above all are giving, humbled beings. I also write for the minority woman living in another country, the ones who see me as a role model. These are my kind of women and I try to be able to live an authentic life for them sometimes more than for myself. My blog display my personal fashion, personal life stories, and shining light on the causes that matter. 

What do you love about blogging? 
Being able to connect with real people. I have received in the past month inspiring messages from people showing their appreciation. I had a lady write in and say that it's bloggers like me that make her world a better place. I also met this other girl who feels connected with me because of our similarities with dark hair, fair skin, etc. I call her my long lost sister. That's what I love thee most about blogging. I also enjoy connecting with like minded people; men and women in this business who are just trying to place a stamp in this world and leave their legacy. 

What do you not love about blogging? 
The difficulty with trying to be authentic through social media. It's very hard to showcase sometimes who you are when all you have in your inventory are cool outfit photos. lol! Which is why I recently purchased a tripod for my DSLR camera so i can take photos of life here at home or wherever I may go to demonstrate different angles or how I view the world. I hope this bridges the gap between just "pretty photos" and "authenticity". 

What are your goals? 
I always seem to have some goals! So let me break them down: 
Blogging Goals: to continue to promote and support cause driven organizations. It's so important that we take time to stop and give back in our own way to these organizations who are working so hard to provide back the tools, resources, education to people in need. To continue my journey of being authentic on my blog and also to who I am on an everyday basis. Small goal, to revamp my website within a year or less. 
Personal Goals: Working on getting a home! Run a half marathon, abroad travel and small travels within the U.S. with the husband <3
Professional Goals: To create an e-course about...shhhhhh.... I can't tell you YET! :D

If you could be better at one thing, what would it be? 

There are several things I could be better at! 

  • Be better at watching scary movies
  • Be more daring when it comes to things with height (bungee jump, sky dive..etc!)
  • Be less of a worry wart

That's all for now but I know I have more haha! 

Who are your biggest supporters? 
My husband, my mom, sisters. Thank you! They have never judged anything I wanted to pursue and always encourage, listen, and say "You can do this!"

What do you wish there was more of in your life? 
I wish there was less 9-5 work, and more hours of the day focused on living, traveling, creating, developing. I think we spend way too much time working, and less time living. I hope to change that in my personal life and do something I truly love. 

5 Secret Facts

  • In 2015, I won an Instagram fashion contest and got to have lunch with Tim Gunn in NYC! 
  • I was a dedicated crossfitter for 3 years (kinda hardcore lol)
  • I modeled locally before moving to Dallas
  • My first concert was a Shakira concert in Laredo, TX
  • I'm a huge Backstreet Boy fan... love them! 

I Nominate: 

Kathrine Eldridge, Chicago, IL
Rizelle Mclean, Columbus, OH
Devoreaux Walton, Dallas, TX
Ryan Ray Roberts, Dallas, TX
Debora Manusama-Sinaga, Dallas, TX

Hope you enjoyed this little segment to the blog! And if you are a blogger interested in joining the Style Collective Sisterhood, visit to find out more! 

Have a great day!