Bridging the Gap: Fashion Fairy Dust by Debbie

Today marks a special day within the influencer community and societal world. I have partnered with a cherished campaign that brings so much meaning and awareness to many. Being a part of the 200 influencers to take part of this Social movement to bridge the gap between ageism amongst women, is such an inspiration in itself. I can't tell you how many women (and men too) I've been discriminated against in the workplace who are older and feel "intimidated" as people have shared with me by a young 'millennial". I use the word millennial lightly as I consider myself generation x by definition, however I am here to tell you today that I am much more than the scope of an iphone, ipad, or anything that is related with what millennials are associated with. I also get annoyed with those technological tools by the way. As far as ageism, quite frankly, I don't care how old you are. I see people for who they are, not by their age.

So, what is Bridging the Gap all about? It is about bringing together mid-life and millennial women from a variety of backgrounds and cultures to empower social change. Social change in terms of being able to lift each other up versus tear down. Afterall, we are #strongertogether!

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I'm so happy to have been partnered with such a vibrant woman with lots of style! Debbie Stinedurf, is a style blogger, personal stylist  and creator of Fashion Fairy Dust. Her tagline "personal style is a matter of taste not age" says it all!

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About Debbie

Debbie started blogging in 2013 because she loves fashion and playing with different styles. She also loves to write and has a lot to say so a blog was the perfect forum to share style advice.

Fashion to Debbie means, it is a way to express who she is on any given day. To be able to see each day as yet another opportunity to share with the world even it it's a casual run to the grocery store. One of Debbie's goal is to inspire women of all ages to dress to make themselves happy and to feel beautiful as opposed to following antiquated societal expectations in regard to how we are “supposed to dress”. I agree with Debbie when she shared with me that fashion and personal style do not have an expiration date. Being able to inspire even one woman through her fashion choices or words, means that she has been successful. Again, I couldn't agree more Debbie!

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Fashion, Style, and Advice

 Debbie believes with her whole heart that there are no rules in fashion. As she quotes "if you love it, wear it! There is no such thing as "age appropriate" instead dress in what is "me appropriate". Debbie's style advice is that If you feel beautiful in what you are wearing ....that is the only thing that matters. 

I love Debbie's fun and eccentric style! Her look is more boho than anything else. Casual and Comfortable are Debbie's go-to style favs! One of her favorite pieces to wear are a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans! That is something we have in common as my favorite pair are distressed (ripped) jeans! 

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Life and Occupation

I seem to always know or surround myself with someone from education! As you all may know, I come from a family of educators! By coincidence Debbie is also an educator! Her day job is a middle school 6th-8th grade Life Skills Teacher. She has been teaching for 27 years and enjoys it much more now than ever! Debbie found her calling when she was 5 years old on being a special education teachers so she is definitely living the dream!  knew from the time that I was 5 years old that I wanted to be a special education teacher so I really am living the dream. 

With her fabulous husband whom she has been married to for 28 years, they have a 27 year old son and a 13 year old daughter. And that's not all! Add 4 dogs who are considered her hairy toddlers to the mix! She swears if her husband didn't her under control she'd have dozens!  

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Debbie lives in a rural town in Pennsylvania where she was born and raised.  She wouldn't be the person she is today had her childhood be any different than her rough upbringing. However, she wouldn't change it! She has learned a lot and has made her a strong person. 

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Debbie is a reader! Using the kindle is never far from reach.  The form of reading she used a lot as a child as her form of escaping. She is obsessed with apocalypse related movies. You can find her catching any movie that involved "end of the world" scenarios!

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Pet Peeves

Zero tolerance for rudeness, bad manners and mean people. I'm with you there Debbie! 

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You can find Debbie on Instagram @fashionfairydust or on her site at . Other social media accounts are Facebook , Twitter, and Pinterest

You can also check out merchandise for this great cause here !

I enjoyed getting to know Debbie...her wonderful spirit and story! 

What is your story on age discrimination? How can you stop this cycle? Comment below!

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