30 Day Be Fearless, Be Authentic Challenge

I think we all can agree that we need a bit of authenticity in our lives. Not everything we see on facebook or other social media platforms is what is actually going on; the girl with the perfect life, the perfect family, etc. We focus a lot on writing out the perfect caption, posting that perfect pic that we really are holding back what we are sharing in our lives. Now, don't get this confused. There are things that we probably shouldn't be sharing, and not all of us are an open book. Social media is fun for a lot of people, and other people like me use it for business (asides from my personal facebook page but everything is else is for my blogging business).

As a blogger, social media is HUGE for me. I need social media to keep my business going, especially now that I am able to monitize from it (finally). Instagram for bloggers has been horrible. In case you didn't know, since the algorithm has changed I have both lost followers, and especially my number of likes has dropped. The saddest part is, I can't beat the system. The less people that see my stuff, the less I have even an opportunity for just about anything really. Also, I have exited out of comment pods because brands are now picking up when bloggers are in comment pods. What are comment pods? Comment pods are when groups of bloggers are in a certain chat group and share each others photos which everyone in the group is required to comment/like on. It's a great support system, but yes not very authentic with who your audience really is. Plus, it's very time consuming. 

Through all of this, I realized how much I was dependent on Instagram. How I focused SO MUCH on making sure the aesthetic was just right primarily, and monitoring number of likes, how many people have commented, etc. Comment pods gave me a lot of likes, and comments, and now that i'm not in them, I can finally see who really likes my stuff because they like it, and who comment because they WANT to comment lol. Why wasn't i doing this before!?? It's much more freeing. Plus i have actually put more time into things that will appeal to my readers. 

I feel that I had kind of lost myself in the mix of instagram, rewards style, plus comment pods. What's more important, is that I am myself on social media and just let everything else fall into place. 

Which is why this challenge prompt me to show YOU authenticity that maybe you don't see in the photos. I hope this challenge allows you to get to know me, and create a connection. Kind of like, starting over...lol.  So what do you say?

You can follow me via my Instagram Stories @vanessaindallas as I will be posting 1 photo a day starting now!


What do you all do to stay authentic in your life? Let's create a new challenge and come up with a task per day! Leave your comments below. 

P.S. Let's keep this PG 13 !! Lol ya'll know what I mean :D 

P.P.S. I am currently working on a side-hustle that I can't wait to share once it's all put together! (Again this is me trying to live a more authentic self and life! Cheers!)