My Lash Affair featuring Amazing Lash Studio

Happy Tuesday!

When I was approached by Amazing Lash Studio Dallas about partnering with them, I could not resist! As you all already know, I'm planning a wedding and I recently scheduled my bridal portraits for January! There is still a lot to prep before then! One of which is alterations first and foremost. Secondly, finalizing my bridal accessories. Third, I scheduled hair and make up and of course the photography. As I approach these appointments, I realize that I need to also have my nails done, and especially my eyelashes! 

Amazing Lash Studio Dallas couldn't have come at a better time! It's amazing how real my lashes look and the best part is,  I don't have to wear mascara! Check out the before and after results below! 

The one and only time I had ever had lash extensions was for a local fashion show in my early 20s. It was not a great experience as the procedure was burning my eyes! Since then, my perception about eye lash extensions has been a "No thank you, I'll pass" kind of attitude. However, I thought about giving it a second chance since it's been years since I had the procedure done. SO glad I gave it a shot because I couldn't feel a thing with Amazing Lash Studio! That was the most surprising part of my experience. 

You can immediately tell the difference! I was paired with Mayra who is a lash stylist at the studio. She was wonderful! Patient, efficient and fast! First I was asked what type of lashes I wanted. They have natural, cute, sexy, or gorgeous! I chose the natural looking lashes for obvious reasons that I work in an office and professional setting. They even have colored lashes for the adventurous! How fun!

The benefits of lash extensions is that you are able to wake up and go! You don't have to wear heavy eye make up at all and let the lashes do the talking! 

Other benefits are that these don't interfere with your real lashes in the sense that there is no damage done to them. As a matter of fact, it gives your lashes a break from repeated mascara, and the rubbing of eye make-up remover. Lash extensions are definitely gentle and lash friendly approved!

And for those of you that wear glasses...not to worry! These lashes can be worn with glasses! :)

I'm so happy that I found my lash stylist and location! If you are in the Dallas area, stop by or schedule your appointment at:

426 Town Center Blvd
Garland, Texas 75040

(214) 396-1480

You can also check them out on their social media links with Instagram ,  Twitter , Facebook or their website directly! And for your first set of full lashes, receive $25 off! (Expires 10/31)

Now you know why I am all excited about sharing the news! What do ya'll think? :)

Until the next time!