Hello all! My lease is not up until August, so until then my one bedroom and one bath apartment will have to do for my fiance and I. Yes we share 1 bathroom but that's not the main issue here. We also share ONE walk in closet! As a woman who loves fashion, this was the hardest adjustment. He has shirts, pants, dress pants, a few seasonal pieces, and a collection of sneakers....while I have Winter Wear (gloves, stockings, long socks to tuck under boots, boots of all kinds, a galore of scarves, sweaters, coats, etc), Summer wear (a multitude of shorts, capris, sandals, flats, wedges, tanks, head wear, bathing suits, cover ups, etc), the basics (white, nude, and black tees and tanks, dark blue skinny jeans, nude and black heels and wedges, and finally... work wear (blazers, dress pants, dress skirts, kitten heel pumps, and dress shirts). This doesn't include all my variety of bags I own!

I think you get it. You may wonder... How do I fit everything in one closet?

The thing is. I don't!

My secret is , I switch out my clothes in between each season. Before I did all the work by myself and it was such a drag! Today I introduce you to MakeSpace which securely stores your clothes (or anything that you need to put away for a while) by doing the work for you! The best part? You don't have to visit a storage unit ever! See what I'm talking about at www.makespace.com  . Currently in Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C... Makespace is sure expanding!

Before you switch out your closet and move on to next season, my style tip is to keep some pieces in your closet to recreate new outfits for the following season.

Spring (March -May) 

Some piece from Spring to keep are your light sweaters, spring dresses, and floppy hats. Light sweaters and dresses can be worn almost year round because of the thin and breezy texture. They can also be worn as cover ups for the beach over a bikini! Floppy hats can be worn at the beach for the Summer season!


Helley Hansen Rain Boot

Entro Spring Time Dress

Palm Springs Wedge 

Floral Print Kimono

Women's Floppy Hat

Beaded Long Necklace

Silver and Crystal Bangle Bracelets

YSL Fringe Bag


Summer (June- August) 

Keep your basic tees, print tees, and tanks for Autumn. Why? Because you can always layer them over with a heavy wool sweater! Yep. It's that simple.


Frankie's Bikini Top and Bottom

James Jeans Shorts

Freesia Linen Pants

Amuse Society Rustic Palm Tank Top

Have Fun Thong Sandal

Komono Francis Sunglasses

J Crew Beach Bag

Autumn/Fall (September-November)

Leggings and plaid shirts are something that you can carry over into the winter season. Simply wear high thigh boots, and add a scarf for extra warmth!


Long Sleeve Plaid Pockets Blouse

Slim Black Stockings

Knit Wool Caridgan

Cole Haan Ankle Bootie

Grey Short Sleeve Print Tee

Leopard Crossbody Bag


Winter (December-February)

Boots and scarves are two items that you can carry over for spring! Yes SPRING! Because sometimes here in North Texas, we get a little bit of ice and snow (for the exception of this year). Boots are perfect for those cools nights, as well as throwing on a scarf with a light long sleeve blouse.



Women's Brown Boots

Hooded Wool Coat

Grandoe Tech Leather Gloves

Oversized Plaid Scarf

Diane Von Furstenberg Tote Bag

Everything else...can be put away with MakeSpace

Be sure to check them out, and leave your comments on how you make more room for the new seasons below! 

Wishing you a great Wednesday! 

XOXO Vanessa