What I Wore: Pleated Chic Shorts

The Nordstrom Event is off to a great start! I found lots of cute stuff at a great price! Mind you I am trying hard to keep the sale under $50 for clothing items, and under $100 for shoes, handbags, and accessories! You can check my favs under the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 link on the home page! 

Most recently, my husband Ivan started taking pictures because both of my photographers are busy and/or out of town! Therefore, the following pictures that you will see will all be taken by my husband, and I might add that he doesn't do too bad of a job ;-) The things we make our husbands do right? haha! 

Anyway, I gravitated towards these pleated shorts because the color is soft, and it still screams Summer when the weather is scorching hot! 

I decided to dress it up! Check out how I styled these shorts below! 

Check back as I will be updating the items as the Sale continues until the very lat day of August 6th! Ciao for now!