Fun Date Night Ideas

It's Friday and I'm inlove! 

Now that I have been married for almost 2 months, I'm like a pro at being a wife...

jk :p

BUT one thing is for sure. We need to keep dating! We have been together for almost 6 years, and last year we felt very restricted to do anything because we were saving for our wedding. Now that we have more time, we find ourselves used to not doing much! That NEEDS to stop. lol

So last night, Ivan and I sat down and listed the things we want to do so we can keep it in mind and make it a point to check mark it off our list. 

I'm sharing this list with you today, along with an outfit I plan to wear on our next Date Night outing (or maybe just around the apartment in house shoes lol). 

At Home

Read a novel or the 5 Love Languages
Board Games for 2
At Home Dinner and a Movie with a theme
(Pick the movie then decide what type of food goes with that movie!)
Spend time by the pool
Create a cheeseboard and wine tasting (also try several imported beers with a different tray)
Breakfast in Bed (in case you didn't have date night, this would a nice morning activity!)

On a Budget

Picnic at the park
Create an adventurous bucket list
Drive-In Movie
Spend a day in the city and take photos with disposable cameras (it might be interesting how they come out!) 
Local Museums
Coffee Dates
Attend a Matinee movie

Fun Couple Activities

Workout together (go for a run, hike, or evening walks)
Nice dinner at a place neither one of you have been to
Take dance classes
Find a place to paint and sip on wine
Rock Climbing/Zip Lining
A day at the spa
Comedy Show
Meet up for happy hour after work!

Shop the Look!

Can you add more to this list? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Cheers to the weekend!