Striped Romper and Clogs

Happy Wednesday! 

Since being back home, I have gone through a physical adjustment. You all know I am happy to be home! There's no doubt about that. However I soon realized that... I have lost weight :( Ivan recently bought a scale, and I have felt all my clothes fitting me loose. Not big! Just loose.

Next week makes 1 month since we've been married! Married life has been wonderful. Although we have been living together for the past 4 years, us having the TITLE now of Mr. and Mrs. does change the dynamic of our relationship. The ambiance of our relationship feels different. In a good way :) Anywho, while I tried to keep healthy and at least toned for the wedding especially, the last 2 weeks were probably the worst. I was not eating as much, for I was running around all over the place! Skipping breakfast and having a late lunch. I once posted on my personal Facebook account "Running on Skittles and Coffee" ...just to give you all an idea of how my diet and life was like at that point. Before those hectic 2 weeks, I was eating ok, and working out occasionally. Hence why I shared with you "Pre-Wedding Workouts" to try at home on the blog!  

Leaving to Ireland was a nice break and relief to just enjoy us being married. I guess that is what the honeymoon is for right? lol. While I ate quite well in Ireland, it's not the same as a good home cooked meal. Needless to say, the poor eating and excercise habits caught up to me and this weekend is when I felt the most fatigue! This overwhelming feeling of pure exhaust was a huge indicator that I need to get back on track with healthy eating and proper excercise . Due to my fast metabolism, it's important I snack in-between meals and that I incorporate weights into my workouts. I also am starting to take vitamins such as D and b12 for natural energy.

These photos were taken 2 weekends ago and although (for now) I've thinned out some, I will wear rompers and the-like for Spring with CONFIDENCE! :-D That, AND this romper is not supposed to be tight to the body anyway :-p Nevertheless, I am determined to get healthy again and on a solid routine!

If you all have kept up with my Instagram , I have been occasionally sharing snaps of my workouts as my way of proving to myself really, that I am keeping with my schedule of working out Tuesday and Thursday mornings (and adjust accordingly if need be). 

March 2017 Outfit 1-109.jpg
March 2017 Outfit 1-106.jpg

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Thanks for catching up! Coming up next, a recap of our Honeymoon in Ireland! Ciao for now :)


AKA Mrs. Luna :-*