Styling Burgundy Pants in the Winter

Happy Friday! 

I travel today to South Texas as my bridal shower is tomorrow! I am so excited to see family and friends. The bridal shower will take place at a popular Mexican restaurant whom have some pretty awesome Margaritas! My mom, future MIL, and my sisters have all helped to make this possible. Because I can be such a "control freak" at times, I HAD TO take care of something. Therefore, I am in charge of the decor lol. I'll probably share with you pieces of the bridal shower on my instastories tomorrow starting at 11am so check back when you get the chance on my Instagram @vanessaindallas

Anyway! I am very excited for this weekend, but I am also excited about today's outfit! Styling any colored jeans can be intimidating. Wearing colored jeans during the winter season can even be more difficult! Which is why I decided to show you an easy way to style a pair of burgundy jeans to prove it CAN be done! 

I have never worn burgundy pants up to this point. They are fun then wearing regular blue denim jeans all the time. The easiest style jean to go with is the skinny jean. But if the skinny jean is not your thing, try a boot cut, straight leg, or wide leg colored jean. 

Next, wear a black top! Everyone that I know owns a black top of some sort. I decided to wear a black turtle neck as it goes with the winter season and is also really chic. Next, I layered with this sweater poncho to balance out the entire outfit. It also adds some structure with the fringe detailing, and the black and white color blocking. 

Other colors and styles that work well with burgundy pants are black and white stripes, polka dots, the colors beige, white, light pink, and/or grey. Experiment with layering! 

Lastly, it's all about what shoes you wear that will determine the overall look! Winter season equals boots season! Go. For. The. BOOTS! You can wear ankle booties as shown, or go for the over the knee style boots which will make your legs look longer ;-) 

How do you style burgundy jeans? Share your thoughts below! 

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Until the next time! Have a great weekend all :)