Printed Scarf Obsession

Well.... that was the warmest Christmas I have ever experienced. I went to be with family in Mcallen and it was in the upper 80s. While I wanted to wear capris with sandals... I felt very odd showing any skin! Why? because while in Dallas, I am layering, wearing stockings, closed shoes, it's a weird adjustment when you go from North to South Texas ! I love Dallas for the reason that we do have seasons. 

Quick Wedding Plan Update! I was able to create the wedding program, menu, and a few other things that I was pending to do this past week! We also got to visit with our floral vendor and wow I am in-love with the arrangements she has for the big day! The wedding is almost 2 months away, and my anxiety is increasing. It's hard to not feel the pressure and worry when it's just a few months away now! It's no wonder why some people plan in a short amount of time. I'm sure they deal with stress too when it's planned within a few months. Needless to say, there's no way to avoid the stresses of planning a wedding! Looking forward to becoming Mrs. very soon :)

Anyway, moving on to today's outfit! 

Everyone knows I am the scarf queen. I must of worn scarves too much especially last year because I got gifted TONS of scarves for Christmas. My future mother-in-law gave me this one. I love it! It's over sized, low key on the print, and feminine. I can even use it as a blanket scarf! Score! 

The best part about this scarf is that I can also wear it in the Spring and why not in the Summer? It's lightweight while still doing it's job of keeping my neck warm :)

Shop some of my favorite scarves! 

That is all for now folks! Until the next time!