Something Blue: Suede Shoe Must Haves

EEEEK! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! That is my scream of excitement as we approach tomorrow. For many reasons I'm screaming of happiness! 1) I get to be with family 2) I am able to meet with vendors for the wedding as a follow up3) there are many reasons to celebrate what I am thankful for 4) I am attending two Friendsgiving parties this year (woop woop!) and 5) i'd be lying if I didn't say I am excited to stuff my face! Yum for turkey! 

Around this time every year is when I do the most traveling. The obvious reason is because of the holiday to be with family of course!  A lot of the times, I will admit, that it's hard to pack. The weather difference from McAllen (South Texas) to Dallas is between a 10-20 degree difference! It's amazing what an 8 hour distance does to the weather. I try to pack for warm and cool temperatures at the same time! It's HARD!

Therefore, I dedicate this outfit to that kind of weather. The kind of weather where you want to stay warm in the morning, but be able to stay cool as the day goes on. Oh! And by the way, I am totally showcasing the blue suede shoes which is very much on trend and rightfully so! Here is how to style the blue suede shoe trend :)

First, find a blue suede shoes that is your style. I find that this style of shoe is the perfect fit for a variety of people! The rounded toe, 3 1/2 inch heel, the height of the boot to the ankle... it has elements that will look good on anyone! 

Styling a blue suede shoe can be tricky. People are typically used to boots in the colors of brown and black. What helps is that this blue is a dark blue. Think about it as a shade lighter than black. I decided to style these blue suede booties with a lightly faded guessed blouse :) It's my first pair of blue booties so this is a baby step for me. 

What I also love about this style of boot is that it can be worn with casual clothing. Which is why the next piece I combined it with to keep it casual chic, are these distressed jeans. Wearing a dark wash jean, for me, is more sophisticated and clean. It would of dressed up the look for sure! 

Lastly, I combined an old vintage style scarf with a classic trench coat from Banana Republic. I bought this trench coat about 4 years ago (maybe even more) and it will never go out of style! I love the double breast style and the classic brown buttons! Also, you can't for wrong with a belt! 

November outfit 5-186.jpg

You can also wear these boots with capri pants or try colored jeans such as burgundy this season! 

Shop the look and some of my blue suede favs! 

Happy  Pre-Thanksgiving all!!!