Howdy! I have been searching hi and lo for a shirt dress. I have seen so many women wear shirt dresses, some of which are literally directly from their spouses, boyfriends, or fiances closet! Kudos to those women who can pull it off! I tried one of my fiances white button up shirt and I looked sloppy! Maybe in the high fashion world it would of been considered haute couture :-P However in my world, it just doesnt' work!

I gave up on the idea of wearing my fiances button down shirt, and instead went for one that fits me well. There are so many shirt dresses out there, and since its the season for shorts and tanks...I personally adore dresses and skirts.





I really like when dresses are either short in the front and low in the back, or symmetrically the same all around. I realize this dress is way above the knee, but I made sure to wear a nude slip underneath. Makes me feel more confident walking around!

I love the collar and how it slits without it showing too much. The fact that this dress shows a lot of leg, I am glad that the collar is covered to help balance out this look.

So, what is a shirt dress? Shirt dresses are an extended version of a shirt! They are perfect for that in-between that occurs in our life. The times when we don't wanna dress up, but we want to look decent. The times where we barely want to make an effort, but want to look like we put in the time. Yea.... those moments are perfect for Shirt Dresses.



One way to wear a shirt dress is to dress it up with accessories. I decided to go with this long and embellished statement necklace especially because it has touches of color. It definitely gave me the 'OOMPF' this dress needed. Considering this dress is white, it is screaming for accessories! I feel that statement necklaces speak for themselves, and in this case I did not add earrings. If you decided to add earrings with your statement necklace, studs are always the way to go!



I decided to double bangle my bracelets because I feel a bold necklace deserves to be paired with bold bracelets. Don't forget to dress your eyes! Add some cool pair of chic cat eye shades or round shades in dark brown or black; my go to colors in sunglasses!



The second way you can wear a white shirt dress is to wear it with awesome shoes! Had I kept the jewelry simple, the fact that these shoes POP can also enhance the dress.

Gladiator heels are so IN right now! They are everywhere! You can find them in the style of flats, heels, and wedges. It's amazing how many brands are involving lace ups or gladiator  style shoes. I fell in love with this burgundy color and the lace ups! <3 Surprisingly these suede gladiators are very comfortable!



You can always add a skinny belt with a print or nuetral color at the waist, and pair it with ballet flats for a casual look. For a night out, throw on some classic pumps with a leather jacket, blazer or vest. For date night, definitely wear some smokin' hot ankle strap sandals!

You seriously cannot go wrong with a white shirt dress ;-) Happy Tuesday!

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Gingham is a trend we saw a lot on last years runways. It made a debut during this years Spring/Summer wear! What exactly is Gingham? It's a checkered pattern that usually contains white and a bold color. The texture is lightweight and made out of cotton. Kind of like plaid, only plaid is usually made out of wool. I decided to squeeze in my Gingham dress before Summer is over. It's light and airy, keeps me fresh with it's spaghetti straps, and most of all, I get to wear my rubber soled sandal with mid-heel!

This A-line type style of dress is very romantic and flowy. It hits me comfortably around the waist as it's not supposed to be tight fitting. This look is perfect for a picnic, dining on the patio, a walk in the park, or casual date night. You can never go wrong with this silhouette and print!

I decided to add a Fringe shoulder bag, as Fringe can go with anything! I wanted to keep this look casual, and fringe will usually do the trick.

And last but not least....

MY RUBBER SOLE CHUNKY SANDAL! Rubber soles is definitely another trend I saw a lot of this Summer! These are no exception... they are pretty awesome ;-)

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Gingham Fit and Flare Dress

Color Block Chunky Heel Sandal

Fringe Shoulder Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Bag

Kennith Cole NY Bracelets

Disc Chandelier Earrings

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XOXO Vanessa

Photo Credit: VuMan Photography