I hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend :) . Mine was very eventful, as a friend of mine was visiting, and I also devoted my Sunday to be at the State Fair. October 18th was the last day for the State Fair of Texas (aka Texas State Fair), and you'd think maybe the crowd would of died down by now right? WRONG! It seemed as if everyone waited till the last minute to go...including myself. Although there were masses of people, I overall had an awesome time! Last year, I remember my boyfriend not wanting to go to the State Fair because in his mind, it might include too many "kiddish" and family activities. While that might be true, there is definitely a little bit of everything for everyone at the State Fair. I won't be able to cover everything the State Fair offers in today's blog because frankly, I didn't get to go to all the exhibits as I arrived late in the afternoon. What I do know is, considering I don't have kids, naturally I try to target things to do that I would enjoy. Here are my top 5 adult things to do at the State Fair (in no particular order).

  1. Snap a Pic with Big Tex

First of all, if you live in Dallas or are visiting, I recommend taking the DART Train to arrive at the State Fair. It's an experience in itself especially if you're not used to using train systems. I am accustomed to driving everywhere, so it's nice to use the train every once in a while to get around. It's $5 to use the train for the day, but it sure beats paying $10+ for parking at Fair Park and waiting in long lines to park.

After 60 years of Big Tex representing the State Fair in North Texas, the original Big Tex sadly burned down on October 19, 2012 due to electrical issues. Dallas was dedicated to recreating a bigger and better Big Tex to debut the following year. This is him! He received much criticism when he made his first appearance, but I personally was glad to have this iconic figure back in the fair!

Snapping a pic in front of Big Tex is a tradition. If you don't do it. You didn't go to the fair :-P

2. Taste local beer at the Beer Garden

I am a wine and beer kind of gal so wherever beer gardens are offered, I'm there! If you are visiting from out of town and you like beer, I would definitely check out this spot!

Eating 'Cowboy Corn Crunch' (#2 Finalist for the Tex Choice Awards 2015), with local Community Beer .

3. Take a tour on the Texas Skyway

12 coupons will get you on this ride. There is no "tour guide", but what I enjoyed most about the Texas Skyway is that it gives you the chance to oversee the entire park! It travels through the middle of the fair, and it gives you a chance to get to the other side of the fair without having to walk!  Should you wish to return to your first destination, it'll take 5 more coupons to travel back.

[wpvideo QaPe1qNy]

4. The Texas Star Ferris Wheel

While the Texas Skyway allows you to see the Fair, the Texas Star allows you to see the city! Due to the lines being extremely long, I unfortunately didn't get on this ride. With better planning next year, it'll be on my "to-do" list!

5. Indulge in everything Fried Food!

You definitely want to throw your diet out the window! Just about anything you can imagine has been fried at the State Fair. Many attempts have been made, and only a few win a spot on the Big Tex Choice Awards contest held annually. This is where I spent most of my time, as eating these combinations of fried foods I only do once a year!

DSC_0861 Pretzel- Crusted Pollo Queso

DSC_0863Fresh Squeezed Pink Lemonade

DSC_0903 Fried Deviled Eggs

DSC_0905 Deep Fried Alligator's Egg Nest

DSC_0906 Fried Mac n' Cheese


Fried Beer-Battered Buffalo (my fave)

Fried Cheesecake (my 2nd Fave)

[wpvideo gnpmeibX]

A quick glimpse of the cook frying an Oreo!

There are so many things that I didn't get to partake in this year at the State Fair. Concerts for one, and browsing through local vendors and their crafts. Other suggestions are; if you are a kid at heart you might like the carnival rides and games. Fascinated with vintage cars? They have a show on display, as well as exhibitions for brand new vehicles from companies like Ford.

There is certainly a little something for everyone, but the commonality is...everyone definitely has a GREAT time at the State Fair of Texas <3

XOXO Vanessa