If you haven't caught on by now, I love effortless style! This outfit is no exception. Wearing prints sometimes is not easy as wearing a solid or neutral color. If you haven't mastered mixing prints with patterns, keep it simple! The secret is; If you are going to wear print bottoms, keep your shirt or blouse neutral. If you decide to wear a print top, keep your bottoms neutral (meaning, a solid color). That is EXACTLY what I did here! Check out my Easy Summer Print Outfit !

In order for this print to stand out, I kept everything around me solid. I added an outerwear cargo jacket which is navy blue, which matches the navy blue color in between the leaves on the blouse.  The cargo jacket adds comfort to this easy going outfit.

I could of gone with blue jean shorts, however, it wouldn't have the impact that the white shorts give. The white shorts highlight the print blouse, and wearing white in the summer means it's breathable! 

This outfit even looks good without the cargo jacket!

The best part of this outfit is not only the print top, but these gold Sperrys! They fit nicely with the yellow hues of the blouse. Almost as if it's the summer sun! :) Furthermore, these gold tone shoes accent my jewelry nicely. You can always switch out the sneakers with light brown or gold tone wedges to kick up this casual look.

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Racerback Tank Top

Rose Print Cami

Hooded Military Jacket

Drawstring Cargo Vest

Cuffed White Shorts

Sperry Seacoast Metallic Sneaker (as seen in picture)

Tory Burch Shoulder Bag

XOXO Vanessa