Yay for wrapping up July! Hope my Summer style has brought some inspiration for you to try something different. The time to catch up is now!

You still have time to try this effortless Summer print top! Pair it with a solid neutral color to allow the print to stand out!

What did you wear this 4th of July? Use my 4th of July Outfit idea for next year! Check out more here.

Styling a Graphic Tee is soooo IN! I provide three tips on how to style a graphic tee using "Pedro" as my main man.

The best part of owning a Pleated Maxi Skirt is that you can wear it throughout the year! Get  yourself one to dress up all year long :)

Bring back your childhood in a sophisticated way with polka dots! Take this print and style it more maturely. More here

Try a linen top for once instead of Linen pants while on a Summer getaway. Pairing it up with print shorts, brings out a whole new outfit!

Summer is still not over! More hot outfit ideas, tips, and trends coming soon :) 

Much Love, Vanessa


Every girl owns a graphic tee or two in their closet. Graphic tees are especially great to throw on before heading out the door to run errands. or if you decide to stay in for the day. Although graphic tees are a basic fashion piece, you can dress the tee up or down by using other pieces in  your closet that reflect your personality. It's fun to use a graphic tee to make a statement! Need a little inspiration? Meet my graphic tee, Pedro.

Here are three easy ways to style a graphic tee!

I started off with a plain and simple black and white graphic tee. I have had these mustard colored pants for a while now and they go perfect as they add a pop of color on my outfit! You can always pick any bright solid color such as blue, red green, or pink. If this is your first time dressing up a graphic tee, find one that with a simple picture. You can never go wrong with a black and white graphic tee!

The Knot

I purposely bought this shirt a little loose. With graphic tees, its important to be able to do multiple styles to change looks! Being able to tie a knot is a playful way to dress up this tee.

Make sure the knot is not super tight! It will cause the picture to crease and distort. It is possible to go a size up on a graphic tee to have leeway to create a knot such as this.

Bling it Up!

The only accessory I added is this necklace! Try a colorful statement necklace or one with bling to dress UP your graphic tee!

Add a Vest

Technically you can add a blazer as well! I added this vest because I wanted to accomplish an "edgy look". Plus it's 100 degrees outside so there is no me wearing a blazer! Try adding a vest that has interesting lines such as this motorcycle style vest. I guarantee your look will change when you add a styled vest!

You can always dress down this look with flats, casual sandals, or wedges. I decided to go with these  Guess studded heels to keep this look edgy.

So who's the dude on the tee? His name is Pedro Infante who was a Mexican actor and singer with many popular songs such as "Ella" (Her) , Amorcito Corazon, and Yo No Fui (It wasn't me). Growing up in the Mexican culture, this music was heard often, especially through my grandma and my dad while bbqing on the weekends.

Feeling Inspired? Shop the look here! 

Rolling Stones Graphic Tee

Red Jeans

Fringed Vest

Studded Faux Vest

Studded Faux Leather booties

Leopard Clutch

XOXO Vanessa


I LOVE the maxi skirt! I love even more the pleated maxi skirt. It's fresh, light and you can easily dress it up or dress it down. Pleated skirts come in short and long lengths. You can wear a pleated skirt in the fall and winter by dressing it up with a cardigan, sweater, hoodies, tights, boots...honestly.. you can dress a pleaded skirt with just about anything! We will worry about fall LATER... and still enjoy all that is left for Summer! This is my favorite way to dress a pleated midi skirt for the season.

I decided to tuck in my racerback tank top because I wanted to identify my waist. You can technically wear a tank untucked, however keep in mind that you may lose your shape. Wearing a tank tucked in with a pleaded skirt can work with any body type.

I kept my sandals VERY simple as I want to keep this look laid back and comfortable. The black criss-cross straps on the sandals, also match the elastic band the pleated maxi skirt provides.

I really enjoy accessorizing! I added my this leopard print cross body to add a bit more personality to this look. Without this print bag, the outfit would look too simple. My advice? Always add something that is eye catching to a simple look.

Shop the Look!

Malibu Beach Muscle Tee

Racerback Tank

Guess Sheer Pleat Maxi Skirt

Coach Crossbody Pouch

Forever 21 Criss-Cross Sandals

Square Cuff Bangle

XOXO Vanessa