Hooray for making it through the middle of the week! I am a few months away from hitting the big 3-0 and as I've gotten older, my style has changed. I think it's changed for the better, but of course I'm being biased for thinking that way :-P

In reality though, my style has changed. I now wear longer dresses, skirts, and shorts and "cover" myself up a little more. Alright. So I OCCASIONALLY will wear my blue jean shorts that sit inches below my behind.... but I'm still "young" enough to pull that off sometimes right? Haha! I hope you agree. I think because I mostly wear pieces that are comfortable, the few times that I do go all "daisy duke", it balances out.

Another way that I know that I'm getting older, is because I own more dark blue jeans versus washed out faded jeans. Solid or dark blue jeans are more presentable in a work setting, and overall give a mature look in my opinion.

For sure after 5pm, you can catch me wearing an outfit just like the one on todays post'. For now, these are the only washed out jeans I own :) Here is how I styled them.

Vanessa April outfit 3-124-2

Vanessa April outfit 3-124-2

Vanessa April outfit 3-127-2

Vanessa April outfit 3-127-2

A few tips on "how to" wear washed out jeans. It IS possible that any color or print blouse can pair well with washed out jeans. I, however, have found that certain colors tend to look best. The best colors and print to wear with washed out jeans are; grey, white, navy blue, black, and black and white stripes. Which is why I paired this with a navy blue tank and white button-up over.

Vanessa April outfit 3-111-2

Vanessa April outfit 3-111-2

Vanessa April outfit 3-145-2

Vanessa April outfit 3-145-2

Having this tank tucked in always works for me! Why? Because it gives me curves and shows some shape. I could of left the tank tucked out, but I didn't want to look slumpy with a loose shirt and over sized button-up.

Vanessa April outfit 3-159-2

Vanessa April outfit 3-159-2

I had been wanting to pair up this bow style tweed clutch for a while now! I love how this clutch is so dainty and feminine. It added that extra chic touch my outfit needed.

Vanessa April outfit 3-198

Vanessa April outfit 3-198

Topping off my outfit with these chunky rubber mid-soles from Aldo Shoes that I purchased last Spring!

Shop the Look!

Navy Arrows Tank

Lovely Skull Tank 

White Button Up Shirt

Bleach Out Blue Wash Skinny Jeans

Washed Out Skinny Jeans

HM Platform Sandals

Lab Chunky Sandal

Bow Handbag

Chevron Stationary Pendant

Enjoy your day! 

XOXO Vanessa



Everybody, man or woman, should at least own ONE plaid shirt. It's perfect for fall, and you can always throw a puffer vest over when colder weather strikes. I particularly love this red and black plaid dress from Cotton On because it's a versatile piece. You can wear it as a dress (the length is perfect!), knot it, or wear over skinny jeans or leggings. Considering Fall is a season of transition, for me in particular, I find myself in transition of covering my shoulders and not yet my feet! Temperatures in Texas are still reaching the 90s!! Which is why I think this outfit is perfect to address the in-between temperatures :)

I chose this plaid piece as a "throw-on" over my Brooklyn NYC muscle tee and soft shorts from Apricot Lane. I wanted to create a casual look with feminine vibes while mixing up prints with this leopard Coach cross-body bag. It seems like a mouthful of an outfit, but I truly enjoy dressing up a simple tee by keeping the bottom half of the outfit with feminine pieces (soft shorts, classic 3 inch heel).

Does this outfit inspire you? Shop the look below! 

Fashion Classic 36 Plaid Dress

Beach Lunch Lounge Plaid Shirt Dress

A.N.A Sash-Tie Soft Shorts

Basic Grey Muscle Tee

StyleStalker Tee- New York

Mix Shuz Sally Chunky Heel

Sydney Love Crossbody Bag

XOXO Vanessa

P.S. recognize this outfit? I totally wore it in NYC! :-D Track back to find it in my previous post here !

Photo Credit: VuMan Photography