Hello! I am super excited about today's post because I am restyling one of my favorite pieces. One that I showcased back in early Winter, and now I'm showing you how to re-style it for Spring. Technically we are still considered "Spring" ya know ;-)

Click here to see my first post on this fringe skirt!

When I first made this purchase, I was in New York strolling through Macy's. I had been looking for a black fringe leather skirt for a while now and when I saw it on the racks, I could not let it go. At the time, I was not sure what to wear it with. I just knew I had to have it! Now, approximately 9 months later, I'm wearing it again.

I've mentioned plaid many times in my previous blogs posts. Its a type of print you can wear over and over again in a variety of ways; over a tank, tucked into jeans or shorts, tying a knot in the summer, over a blue jean skirt or in this case...a FRINGE skirt :-D  It does't matter how old you are either. Plaid is for everyone!

Refer to the first photo when I'm talking about my shoe accessory, aka mules! I have worn these many, many, MANY times! They do not get old, nor go out of style. They are perfect for any season depending with what you style them with.

Last time, in the winter, I wore long over the knee boots with this skirt and it looked hawt! Scroll through my previous post to see a pic of the over the knee boots here  !

When styling a fringe skirt with plaid, technically you can tuck in the shirt rather than tying a knot. I would suggest tucking in the skirt if the shirt is short. If you the shirt is long enough, knot it in the front! It adds some cute feminine style!

I kept the accessories simple to allow the plaid print and fringe do the talkin' ;-)

Try pulling this look off before the Spring season is  over!

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