Hello You! I hope this blog post finds you well :) I have been a busy bee; working 9-5, currently working part time as well, blogging, and crossfitting. Somehow I still make time for the things I love most. One of which are events such as taking a tour at the CustomInk's Dallas Production Facility. I was honored when I received an email by one of their representatives inviting me to tour their large and very spacious facility about 2 weeks ago. I first got acquainted with CustomInk because I had collaborated on a blog post with Chicago Blogger Kathrine Eldridge .

Our mission for the month of October 2015, was to style a tee that benefited the Anti-bullying campaign. This was our way to show support for a cause we are very passionate about. When I ordered my shirt from CustomInk, "Kindness is Always in Style", I was grateful that this printing company was able to support the cause by printing out t-shirts and giving 100% of proceeds to the Anti-bullying campaign. By styling the tee, it was a way that as a blogger, Kathrine and I were able to give back by spreading the word and share our own personal stories. You can check out my blog "Creating Awareness for Bullying Prevention Month in Style" as well as Chicago Blogger and Wardrobe Stylist Kathrine Eldrige's blog collab here .

What I love most about CustomInk is their vision:

"CustomInk believes that t-shirts and other custom products have the power to bring people together and strengthen their sense of community"

It certainly brought us together in the room and I am happy to share with you how I styled the finished product ;-) Vanessa April outfit 1-108

I printed this t-shirt all by myself! :-D

Ok not totally by myself, I had a lot of help actually lol. However, for the most part, I was the one behind the printing and pressing scene :-p You'll see what I mean as you read on..

Vanessa April outfit 1-175

Vanessa April outfit 1-123

My experience with CustomInk's Dallas Production Facility was phenomenal! I had no idea so much passion, patience and above all quality went into creating each t-shirt that is ordered. There are so many departments that these shirts go through, its no wonder they are always delivered so perfectly.

Vanessa April outfit 1-208

The process that these t-shirts go through is a bit hard to explain when you don't work in the business like myself. So here goes! It all starts with their design lab online. You can go to Custom Ink, click on "design lab", and prepare to design your own tee with over 75,000 in artwork provided in their library! Once you pick your design (color, font, type of tee, etc), it's time for the superstars called "Inker Artists" to bring your design to life. See my pic below for behind the scenes!

What I do find admirable about CustomInk was their ability to be innovative. Being involved within Marketing and Sales, its obvious why this part of the tour sparked my interest the most. The products that they have developed and are creating is impeccable.They stem from producing quality threads, screen prints, digital printing, and embroidery. They really go above and beyond to give the customer the vision they are looking for; whether it be marketing their product for a small business, family or friend gathering, all the way to corporate events and more.  They print on stainless steel, all kinds of fabrics in all colors and designs. It's amazing what great lengths they go just to deliver a great product.

Vanessa (2 of 2)

But it's not so much only about the product itself. They do try to understand the person behind the product. Out of the many designs and labels that I saw, you do get a sense of what kind of person (the one ordering) is. Some shirts said quirky things, some were athletic wear, others were family reunions, older class reunions and bachelor parties, to cheering squads and onsies. You literally see it all!

I am happy to know that next time  I order a shirt from CustomInk (because there WILL be a next time) that I will be getting a quality shirt made from a great company.

Thank you CustomInk for the awesome tour!

CustomInk Sample Tees & Products 

XOXO Vanessa

P.S. Did you know the Octopus Logo for CustomInk is named Inky?? :-D Well, now you know! Happy Hump Day!

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