Long Long ago, when I was a tween... I thought that blue jean was soooo "old school." Little did I know it would become a staple item I own today! The first blue jean piece I've ever owned was a blue jean jacket given to me by my mom which she wore when she was younger. It still fits me perfect! Since this new addition to my wardrobe, I have gained a new respect towards denim. I love that you can find denim as a pant, capris, bermuda, skirt in all styles, dress, jacket, blazer, etc. It's amazing how blue jean has reinvented itself many many times! Here is a tribute to denim with my denim-on-denim outfit.  

March outfit 2-2

March outfit 2-1

I have had this pencil skirt for a while now. I don't wear it as often as I would because the thing with denim or blue jean is it doesn't expand or stretch. And NO Jeggings DO NOT COUNT! I have enjoyed wearing a pencil skirt tucked in with a dressy blouse for brunches or for a casual afternoon out.

March outfit 2-7

What's fun about this blue jean pencil skirt is that I could wear it with or without a belt. That add a variety of ways to accessorize tops with skinny belts! This denim jacket I found while shopping at Levi's. It was on sale and I have used it many times!

March outfit 2-8

Although this blouse is not denim, pairing this with a dark navy blue blouse makes the denim skirt pop! I absolutely love sheer tops like this one! I can literally wear denim and sheer tops year round <3 They are great to pair with both casual and work wear!

March outfit 2-5

These cheetah print heels are perfect in height! You see, I am already 5'9 and I sometimes don't mind being taller. However, as I grow older...comfort starts to set in more with my fashion tastes lol. Clear sign that I'm getting older! haha! These heels from Nine West come with extra cushion making it easier to last longer while standing or walking.


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Investing in Denim pieces is very much worth it!

We salute you Denim and all your ways to make us continue to look stylish! Have a great week everyone!

XOXO Vanessa

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