What an eventful weekend! The first time I attended Big Texas Beerfest was about 2 years ago and I did not know what to expect! The first alcoholic drink I have ever drank in my life was beer and now I choose wine over beer anyday! lol! However, I do have an appreciation and support local brewery companies (as well as local wineries of course). This is the reason why I was intrigued in attending this years beer festival because I want to see what local flavors are out there; where they are located and what they posses. My fiance bought tickets in a heart beat when he heard that this event was happening this weekend at Fair Park ! He is the beer lover in the relationship <3 I want to share with you a recap of the beers I tasted, and also some very popular local beers you need to know about when coming to visit Dallas. (Warning- My palate is attracted to light and sweet versus bitter tastes so my selections are based on my choices only)


Beer Tastings

Ninkasi Brewing Company- Spring Reighn

If you enjoy light beer, this was is sweet! Founded in Oregon, you can find this beer at Kroger, Goody Goody Liquor, Whole Foods Market, Total Wine & More, Specs and other locations. Click here to see the list of where to find this in Dallas!

McKenzie's Hard Cider- Black Cherry

Another sweet one to the list. I honestly could probably open one of these during the week to relax. It's definitely one I would like to purchase! The only place to find this beer in Dallas is at FullClip Craft Distributors

Shannon Brewing Company- All American Blonde

You can find this beer all over the metroplex! In about over 100 locations to be exact. I'm convinced that all beers labeled with the word "Blonde" in it means it's a light beer! That was not the case here. I mean, yes it's considered a light beer compared to others i'm sure... but you CAN taste the alcohol content within. I would probably save this drink for the weekend night out.

Four Bullets Brewery- Royal Flush Red

I had no idea that Richardson, TX has a brewery! As per their website, they have 4 different beers to taste from and offer tours as well. If you are into stronger beers, I think you'd enjoy this one! Here is a list of where to find this beer.

Bishop Cider Co.  - Nector Texas Honey Sweet

(And here is where I ventured into the ciders)

Right off the bat! A representative from Bishop Cider Co. mentioned to me that this one was a popular one and I can see why! The name of this cider says it all! Another one to add to my "during the week" drink list.

Argus Cidery- Ciderkin

Representing Austin, TX this is another one of my favorite ciders. Not too sweet but not bitter either. It was a perfect blend of the two!

Rahr & Sons Brewery Company- Blonde

One of the local brews based out of Fort Worth, TX! This taste was perfect! You can find this beer only in Fort Worth.

Alamo Beer Company- Golden Ale

Tasted another one of our beers from our neighboring cities, San Antonio, TX! The golden ale, to me, was similar to a "Blonde" and that was A-OK! Anything with a smooth finish...I'll drink to that! As per their website, we should be seeing Alamo Beer around DFW but if you  have an HEB in the South Texas Area...look out for this beer!

Coney Island Brewing Co.- Hard Root Beer

So a Rule of Thumb for me when it comes to drinking beer, I always stay away from dark beer. ALWAYS. I have not had a great experience with dark beers and i gravitate towards lighter or "fruitier" beer tatste. Call me a girl (which I clearly am :-p) but I can't help what my taste buds prefer. This is the first "dark" beer that taste like root beer and that I actually liked! Here is a list of where to find this beer in Dallas, and YES try the root beer if you're into that kind of stuff :)

Local Beers

Through my fiance enjoying beer more than I do, I have been able to recognize which local beers make their appearance at bars around Dallas. Here are a few of the popular ones I've seen around:

Deep Ellum Brewery Revolver Community Beer Rahr & Sons Lakewood Brewing Company Haus of Growlers Grapevine Craft Brewery

Overall, my experience at Big Texas Beerfest 2016 was nothing more than FUN! I enjoyed the extra activities that were there such as local food trucks, music, and vendors selling some pretty awesome stuff. I would definitely attend again and try new beer brands that I didn't get to try this year. What I learned about myself was that I actually enjoy ciders...haha go figure.

Despite my love for wine over beer, was it worth going to Big Texas Beer Fest? It sure was :)


XOXO Vanessa