Hey all! I hope you are having a great week! The weather definitely took a turn as temperatures have dropped in the 40s.....I'm definitely reaching out for my coat! Exactly 5 weeks ago... I took a stroll at the Galleria with no intentions to purchase anything in particular. In fact, I was returning items that day! I have been wanting a black coat for a while now because the black bomber jacket I had was NOT going to cut it for me this season. February is still considered a "winter" month so not surprised its getting chilly again. Honestly, if it drops again in March, a Spring month, I wouldn't be surprised either.

I try to buy 1-2 coats a year because let's face it, coats can be expensive! The cost for a good, solid, and sturdy coat is usually over $100! I don't know about you but I can't be spending $100s for more than 2 coats at a time. Anyway... back to my story

As I making my way back to the parking garage... I passed by the store Zara. I'll admit I've NEVER walked into this store. For reasons I am not even sure of! With it's bright lights, clean white floors, solid colors, and sleek displays for clothing... it was intimidating to say the least. However... I was WRONG! SO wrong, in fact, I will go back again and again because the costs are affordable! Good quality for great prices with an expensive look and taste.  I walked in at a time where they had their coats on sale for under $100! What a great deal! I styled this coat with a top from Shop September located at Snider Plaza in Dallas. More details on this look and some of my must have coats below!


Vanessa leather leggings-1

Vanessa leather leggings-4

I truly adore this coat! Faux Fur details at the front with snap buttons at the top. It's the perfect coat to stay stylish and keep warm!

Vanessa leather leggings-8

Take a look at this long tee that can actually be a dress but (of course) with my height it can't be a dress but a t-shirt! Not any ol' regular t-shirt, but double layered colored striped shirt. Loving this hipster vibe over some pleather leggings and ankle boots!Vanessa leather leggings-7

I added my personal touch with this horn necklace by Shop September accessories .

Shop coats under $100! 

Mango Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat

Wool Double Breasted Tan Coat

White Wrap Coat

Camel Boyfriend Coat

INC Tweed Coat

Plaid Coat

Faux Fur Zippered Black Coat

Belted Long Black Coat

Single Button Long Red Coat

Lapel Plaid Pocket Coat

Wool Blend Pea Coat

Kennith Cole Puffer Belted Coat

Woolen Pink Coat

So Many coats to choose from! Stay Warm! 

XOXO Vanessa

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