What an AWESOME "Winter" we have had this season! Is mother nature playing a joke on us? Haha! I know some bloggers are already posting about Spring wear, however in knowing CrAzY  Texas weather, the cold days are sure up ahead! Now is not the time to get too comfortable wearing flip flops and sleeveless shirts! Seriously, I wore flip flops this weekend! Cray cray! Anyway!!! This past summer I visited Vegas for the 1st time! I'm almost 30 years old and this past year I discovered "sin city". Can you believe that? It was there that I purchased a faux fur vest from TopShop. A Faux Fur vest is something that I have been wanting for a long time! The thing about me is, I will want certain fashion pieces but I don't just go out and buy whatever! I will WAIT until I find the right one.

This faux fur vest is perfect!

Vanessa white fur vest-5651

If you are trying to find a faux fur vest for this season, try looking for one that has length! The more your covered, the warmer you are! Plus it adds a more sophisticated look to your outfit.

Vanessa white fur vest-5692

You can pair up a faux fur vest with anything that is casual or dressy; button up shirt, or dressy blouse. What I felt complimented this vest was a grey ribbed turtle neck dress. The color scheme I was staying within were the neutrals; Tan, grey, white.

Vanessa white fur vest-5727

Vanessa white fur vest-5748

About 2 months ago, Mirina Collections asked me to be an ambassador for their brand of jewelry. I have worn this since it was delivered to me, but hadn't blogged about it till now! I really love statement necklaces <3 Grey and silver never looked better together!

Vanessa white fur vest-5762

My favorite part about these tan boots are the wooden heels! I bought these a few years back from DSW and NEVER have worn them! Don't ask me why, but they make this outfit look so chic. I will definitely wear them more often.

Vanessa white fur vest-5757

I always try to pick pieces that will make an outfit pop! It's the smallest details that will make a big impact on any outfit!

Shop the look! 

High Neck Ribbed Midi Dress

Ribbed Grey Turtle Neck Dress

Twos Company Faux Fur Vest

Top Shop Stripe Faux Fur Vest

Pleasure USA Tan Suede Boots

Monroe Polarized Sunglasses

Mirina Collections Diem (use the code vanessa20 to get 20%!) 

Wishing you all a great rest of the week! 

XOXO Vanessa

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