TGIF! Cold weather is lurking, but the fact that it has not snowed or iced yet (in our area at least) is GREAT! What have I been doing lately? Shopping for winter sales that's WHAT! I found this cute little number at H&M for $10 !!!! It found me more like it ( I wasn't even trying to shop for a fuzzy cardigan). Although this type of sweater might look intimidating to some people, I had so much fun styling it! I have since learned that there are several types of fuzzy sweaters that are available in stores for you to wear this winter season. If you want to try something different, I would highly recommend you going to look for one similar to this. Without further due, this is how I decided to style my fuzzy wear. Vanessa red fur blazer-5554.jpg


Vanessa red fur blazer-5567.jpg

I paired this cute AND FUZZY (love sayin' that word haha) sweater with a black and white bold print to add some texture to the top half of this look. I didn't want to bore it with a solid blouse, so adding some lines and prints to wear under this sweater is a must!

Vanessa red fur blazer-5642.jpg

I then shifted my focus from my FUZZY blazer to my dress pants. These "pants" are not actual full length pants but "cropped dress pants". I was trying to give my bottom half a lightly masculine Derby Style look as I loved the way my leather boots contrasted against the solid black dress pants. They reminded me of these looks right here!

Vanessa red fur blazer-5575

Vanessa red fur blazer-5594

I obviously kept my jewelry VERY simple. Sometimes I just don't like wearing that much jewelry and let the clothing speak for itself. I only wore a long silver necklace by TOPSHOP so my neck is not so bare. Plus, this unique pendant shape adds personality to the sweater and blouse.

Shop my Favorite Fuzzy's Here!

Fuzzy Camel Sweater

Open Front Cardigan

Striped Fuzzy Cardigan

Sleeveless Open Print Cardigan

Open Front Fuzzy Cardigan

Guess Fuzzy Cardigan

Wishing everyone a warm, safe and FUZZY weekend!

XOXO Vanessa

PS. How many times did I mention the word FUZZY on this blog!!!??? lol !

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