I remember growing up and seeing my mom and grandmother wear ponchos and I used to think "ugh that's an old person thing". This season, I find myself going store to store searching for thee perfect poncho! There are a variety of styles and colors but they all have something in common; they definitely keep you warm and cozy! Take a look at how I styled this Poncho or what some others refer to as "street style blankets" since they sure feel like your under the covers!  



The easiest way for me to keep this look chic is by adding a button up shirt underneath and allowing the collar to pop out. With a poncho, layering is important considering Ponchos allow the wind to blow through which can become chilly. I not only wore a button up blouse underneath the poncho but a tank top underneath the blouse!



These ankle booties were gifted to me by my sister a few years ago! She ordered them online from abroad. The lace and entire shoe is covered in leather. These really keep my feet warm and also add some style to my casual boyfriend jeans.


IMG_8996 Keeping it matchy-matchy with the gold trim on my aviator sunglasses gold chain short necklace, pinky ring, and bracelet :)

Ponchos are no longer for the "older generation." They are certainly making a huge comeback this season. Don't be left out of the loop! Shop my  favorite ponchos below!

Shop Ponchos! 

knitwear Limited Poncho

Steve Madden Colorblock Poncho

Chelsea & Theodore Fringe Poncho

David & Young Stripe Poncho

NY Collection Aztec Print Poncho

Ralph Lauren Striped Wool Poncho

Echo Everyday Rauna Poncho

Happy Wednesday!

XOXO Vanessa