Today is a very special day! ShopStyle and Dress for Success have teamed up with Bloggers all over the nation to speak out on women empowerment. I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this effort to spread the word! There have been so many people in my life that have been a inspiration or have been a motivation for me to be my best self. However, I am the person that I am today because of 2 specific women in my life; my mother and grandmother.

My grandmother originally from Linares, Mexico, came to the US with the American Dream. Leaving everything behind in Mexico, she built a life in Texas and used her skill set for sewing to help find her a job. First working a minimum wage job as a housekeeper in a hospital, and later at a Men's retail store tailoring men suits. It is there that she spent years working hard and saving to own a home. She only had one daughter, my mom, and raised her all on her own. What I admired most about my grandma is not only her courage to start all over in a country where she didn't even speak the English language, but I remember clearly the day she became a U.S. Citizen. My grandma only had a 4th grade education, but was studying for the test that would change her life! It was a very exciting day for us when she passed her exam with flying colors! Seriously, that woman probably knew more American history than what I retained in High School! She showed me that despite her barrier of not speaking English, and having limited resources and income, she still managed to accomplish a lot in her life. Although my grandma would give me consejos (advice) which always consisted of me completing my education and establishing a professional career, little did she know that her story was enough to empower and motivate me to do all that and more.

My mother is the other woman in my life that I give credit to who I am today. Ever since my sisters and I were little, she ingrained in us that there was college after high school. I had no idea at the time that college was actually an option! It probably wasn't until middle school that I learned that college was optional, but for my mom we had no choice. She pushed me to start college early and even if my stubborn self didn't want to, I am happy I did. Due to her efforts I graduated with honors from High School and had a head start in college. But that's not IT! I love that my mother made me a strong woman by teaching me how to speak up for myself. I was that little girl that wouldn't talk back or wouldn't defend myself. I allowed for people to walk all over me and it took her guidance, patience and numerous discussion for me to finally come out of my shell and speak up for what is right and wrong. She might regret that now (haha just kidding)! Today, I am outspoken and opinionated, humble, a hard worker, professional and especially independent because of her. I am very opposite to how I started out to be because of her. The combination of my grandmother and my mom has molded me to be the person I am today.

Thank you to my grandma in heaven and my mother back home! <3

pic fashion show

This picture was taken after a local fashion show in which I modeled. I had been modeling local for a while, but it was the 1st fashion show my mom and grandmother attended. This show was extra special because they were in the crowd. (March 2, 2012)


Today I celebrate who I have become because of these women, and what better way than showcasing my Power Outfit!


I feel most confident when wearing blazers in any style, print or color! They make me feel polished and professional and I can wear them year round! 

Leopard can be a tricky print and really depends on how you wear it. This blouse in particular is in a style that anyone can relate to as a "work blouse" and any work blouse will look good with a draped blazer. Pop out the collar, and make sure it sits over the draped blazer to give it that professional look.


This khaki skirt compliments the blouse and blazer as it fits within the color scheme of brown, black, olive green, an khaki.,DSC_0576

Leaving the blouse tucked out will make this look sloppy and it will hang loose with the drapes of the blazer. Tucking the blouse in, creates a waistline, and the drapes of the blazer are more prominent.


Be sure to shop this look as 10% of sales purchased on December 8th and 9th go to Dress for Success and ShopStyle matches %100 of the contribution! Let's help support this important non-profit organization, Dress for Success, so it can continue to educate, empower, and provide the skills and resources for women to become financially independent in their lives!

Shop the look and donate 10% of your purchase, and ShopStyle will match 100% of the contribution!

Guess Charlotte Leopard-Print Blouse • GUESS

Blu Pepper (blue bird) Marketing Maven Blazer in Pine

Khaki Linen Pencil Skirt • Calvin Klein

BC Footwear Women's Penthouse Dress Pump • BC Footwear

Michael Kors 'Miranda' tote • Michael Kors

Kendra Scott 'Dira' Stud Earrings • Kendra Scott

Vince Camuto Spikey Gold Stud Earrings • Vince Camuto

14th & Union Layered Long Chain Necklace

Michael Kors Greenwich Medium Saffiano Leather Bucket Bag • Michael Kors

Coach Scout Hobo In Pebble Leather • Coach

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Thank you in advance to your time & contribution! 

XOXO Vanessa