Happy Halloween!!! 

I hope everyone is in the Halloween spirit as much as I am! I am very much looking forward to seeing all the Facebook posts of costumes worn by babies, children, adults and especially COUPLES !

When it comes to costume shopping and researching what character to be...I got lucky to be with a man who has taught me that it's OK to act silly and still be a child at heart. I would often find myself sometimes reserved when we first met, but he has certainly brought out the silliness in me. Least to say, our relationship has been mostly full of laughter, fun, and adventure. Below is the proof!

Can you guess who we are?

Clue: A trainer and a monkey

Answer: Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat

This was a popular children's book that turned into a cartoon and even has made it to the big screen theaters. I grew up watching and reading Curious George so when Ivan (my boyfriend) mentioned this Halloween costume idea, I was gun-ho about it! The problem was I could not find ANY female versions to "The Man with the Yellow Hat" (considering HE wanted to be the monkey).....soooooo I created my own.

I started off by looking for a yellow dress. It was difficult to find the right cut and style in this particular color. After searching all over the internet and hitting up a few malls... I found this one here by Rosegal. The cost? $9!

My next goal was to find the infamous Yellow Hat and polka-dot tie, as I knew it would MAKE the outfit. This part was even more difficult because the one link where I found the hat and tie were SOLD OUT! I then turned to Ebay :) Luckily one Ebay user custom made the hat and tie! Click here to check out the website.

I already had the belt and boots so I added those items to my costume :) Similar belt here and boots here

Curious George Costume

Costume and T-Shirt sold separately. You can find this monkey costume here and Curious George Shirt here :)

I'm sure you smiled or laughed (or both) at today's read, but I hope your excited to pull this costume idea off for next year!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween! 

XOXO Vanessa