Do you know of someone that has been bullied? Is your child or a loved one currently dealing with the hurtful impacts of a bully? Have YOU experienced being bullied? I raise these questions to purposely get you thinking about it.

You may be wondering why I have become so passionate about this subject. The answer is because I did experience being picked on when I was younger. Granted, it was short lived, but there are so many kids out there that are not so "fortunate."

For me, being bullied only occurred at school and it never followed me home. Today, this hurtful act occurs in schools and online, making children 2 times more likely to get the idea of committing suicide and 3 times more likely to attempt in suicide. Facts and statistics found here .

As I've grown older, bullying awareness has become more apparent. Perhaps it's because being picked on about what you wear, or how you look is not the only thing that is hurting our youth. Now the attention has directed itself on harassment towards those with gender-related preferences; LGBT Community for instance. I was raised to believe that none of that matters; color of skin or sexual preference and that people are just people. I am happy to know that younger generations are more accepting of these communities, but there is still a long way to go! Which is why I'm dedicating this blog to be a 'voice' against bullying. Although this may be but just a mere contribution to the cause, I know my contribution accumulates within the many others who too, are raising awareness.

Last year, I put together a modeling workshop focused mostly on confidence and confidence building activities during October in honor of this cause. This year, I purchased a t-shirt from the National Bullying Prevention Center ( aka PACER) to show my support. The twist? I added my personal style ;-)

100% of all purchases support PACER's and the "Be Good To Each Other" campaign helping them continue their mission on supplying proper education, tools, support and awareness on bullying prevention. Here is how I styled my tee :)

I am most proud of my fellow bloggers who have joined me to create a collaborative effort in styling a tee of their choice from PACER, and are also dedicating their blogs today to this cause. Please check out Kathrine, Chicago Wardrobe Stylist and Blogger post here and workinpink's Instagram to get to know these wonderful ladies! <3

I hope you all enjoyed my personal story, and support today's read by sharing it with others. :)

~XOXO Vanessa

P.S. Positive comments and inspiring stories welcomed!

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