Howdy! I first want to apologize as I meant to post this way before my New York Trip in which I will give you all the deets soon! With all the chaos of arranging my work schedule, as well as the excitement of getting everything together last minute... needless to say... I simply ran out of time! I realize we are now in the Fall Season, and rompers may not be seen as much in this way (bare legs and shoulders). However, I have this obligation to SHARE this outfit idea and how you too can look chic in a romper! I wore this outfit to my sister's Baby Shower. It was mandatory to wear blue as she is having a boy (she's due soon, so excited!). I decided to wear dark blue because I am fully aware that this kind of blue works well with my skin tone.

If you want to know what colors work best for your skin tone, I suggest you check out this link to find out if Navy Blue is a color you would look fabulous in.

Without further a due, I present to you with my Cool Girl Romper Style...

It's actually VERY HARD for me to find a romper that fits my figure. I searched far and yonder (pssh yea right, i just went to North Park Mall and The Legacy in Plano Mall), to find the romper that was for me. You see, i have a long torso, and rompers usually are very short in that area. This romper from Urban Outfitters fit me ust right!

Due to my "lack of curves" I always have to CREATE curves. One of the main things i focus on is the waist line. If it hugs at my waist, it's even better because it will create angles. Even if you are more curvy than I, when something hugs you at the waist comfortably, it showcases your waist...thus making you appear thinner from that area. Please try to avoid a garment hugging too tight at the waist as it can create a tire ! Try a size up if that happens. What I love MOST about this romper, is the drape in the front. It appears as if this is a short skirt, but it really isn't and has shorts hidden under this drape. I used to call this kind of style a "skort" ...Skirt + Shorts= Skort. Although there are some differences, it's the closest I can compare it to. Thanks to this "skort" portion at the bottom half of this romper, it added a little flare and angle across the hip.

I actually love wearing gold tone accessories! The long necklace that displays the brown square, matched perfectly with my 3-tones bracelet (gold, copper, gold rust). It's imporatnt to buy items that you can wear with anything!

If you don't own a gold-tone bag, invest in one NOW! This bag from Dueces to Divas has come in handy!

I finally got to wear my strappy nude wedges by Elaine Turner! What I love most about these is that they are very classy and fit any occassion! Try to find a shoe that Is stylish or unique. Being that this outfit is simple all the way through, these wedges kick it up a notch and are eye catching! Plus they have a memory foam sole, making these very comfrotable to wear.

Just when I thought I couldn't find a Romper that fit well, I found it! Putting this look togehter was a lot of fun! I hope you have picked up a few tid-bits on how to look chic in your next romper.

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Kimchi Blue Anita Ruffle-Front Skort Romper

Chloe Open Toe Leather Wedge

Steve Madden Aria Convertible Crossbody Bag- Gold

Jules Smith Texture Bracelet

Dee Berkley Jasper Necklace

XOXO, Vanessa

Photo Credit: VuMan Photography